Utilities and large enterprises

MomaPIX DAM for Utilities and Large Enterprises

MomaPIX DAM is the centralized repository where you can find all approved multimedia content, ready to be shared with both internal and external stakeholders. The workflows related to managing images and videos are simplified, monitored, and more efficient.

Utilities and large enterprises

How MomaPIX Supports Utilities and Large Enterprises

Management of Corporate Photo Archives

Large enterprises and utilities can leverage MomaPIX to centralize and efficiently organize their photographic heritage. The software facilitates the cataloging of images in a single archive, accessible for distribution to authorized users.

Photographers and creatives upload content, while PR managers or those in marketing and communication departments oversee and approve the images for publication. This organized flow ensures that only validated content is made available to the media and other stakeholders, providing easy and fast access through a multilingual metadata management system. This translates into more efficient and consistent internal communication and social media engagement.

Utilities and large enterprises

Advanced Management of Corporate Video Archives with MomaPIX

Primarily used as a multimedia resource library for media asset management, MomaPIX DAM facilitates the entire video production and sharing supply chain. Corporate teams, whether in marketing, communication, or audio/video production, can collaborate effectively with advertising agencies or production studios.

Even if video materials are not generated within the DAM, the MomaPIX platform makes it easy to import them for faster analysis and approval by clients or third parties.

The era of transferring video clips via email or accessing FTP sites to retrieve and view video files is over. With MomaPIX DAM, videos are shared and managed centrally, eliminating complexity and saving valuable time.

The additional advantage? MomaPIX DAM enables the easy emailing of direct links to resources, simplifying and speeding up the process of reviewing and approving video materials by the various corporate teams involved. A significant quality leap for the management of corporate video archives.

Utilities and large enterprises

Multilingual Brand Manual Management with MomaPIX

In a global world, every company’s brand requires clear and consistent communication across all languages. MomaPIX DAM emerges as the ideal solution for centralizing and optimizing brand material management, ensuring effective multilingual communication.

MomaPIX DAM serves as a digital archive, where communication and marketing departments can easily organize and share key assets such as logos, style guides, and other branding materials. The platform facilitates the secure sharing of these assets both internally and with external partners and agencies, ensuring that the brand message remains consistent in every context.

MomaPIX DAM supports the processes of creating and updating metadata associated with brand book materials, offering accurate automatic translations in the necessary languages. This means that each brand asset is accompanied by clear and correct information, regardless of language or location.

With MomaPIX, companies can finally ensure that their brand manual is always accurate, up-to-date, and easily accessible in every language, maximizing branding effectiveness in a global market.

Utilities and large enterprises

Enhancement of the archive with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence emerges as the innovative cornerstone for large enterprises, radically transforming the data management process. With automatic tagging powered by AI, what was once a vast, submerged, and unexplored historical archive, akin to a massive iceberg of which companies had only glimpsed the tip, is now brought to light in a surprising way. This technology not only ensures precise and automatic tagging but also adequately describes every element of the archive, including subtle nuances such as identifying emotions and recognizing text and logos in images.

Furthermore, thanks to a chatbot that supports natural language searches, accessing the entire archive becomes intuitive and efficient. AI not only illuminates the hidden depths of your information assets but also makes them easily explorable, enhancing every resource. This revolution in data management opens up new possibilities for leveraging multimedia assets, turning every previously overlooked element into a potential value-add.


Utilities and large enterprises

Hundreds of clients rely on MomaPIX

“The adoption of MomaPIX for managing our digital assets has led to tangible improvements in terms of efficiency in multimedia content management. The platform is intuitive and greatly simplifies the process of uploading and organizing files, making it a valuable tool for those seeking an effective DAM solution.”


Antonio Ambrosio | Director of Digital Communication, Identity and Events, WeBuild


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