Centralized Repository of Multimedia Content for Businesses

Our Media Center has been designed with businesses and organizations that manage large volumes of multimedia content in mind. It is the ideal solution for those looking for a centralized system to organize, share, and leverage their digital assets optimally.

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Main Features

Organize and Find Your Content Quickly

Forget the lengthy searches and the need to remember exactly how you named your file. With our Media Center, you can organize and find exactly what you need in just a few seconds. Use our customizable filters, specially designed with businesses’ needs in mind, to always have everything at your fingertips.

Catalog Your Files Without Hassle

Leave behind intricate naming conventions and cumbersome folder management. With our guided process, you can label and assign properties to each of your files with astonishing simplicity.

Manage Access and Rights Securely

Protect the integrity of your brand. With our permissions system, you can be sure that each user will have access only to the relevant contents, preventing the disclosure of unauthorized resources.

Internal and External File Sharing

Share your assets both within the company and with external partners. Ensure complete control over each resource by defining expiration dates for access and monitoring all sharing activities.

Email Campaigns Directly from Your DAM

Use the email marketing functionalities incorporated into the DAM system to plan and send targeted newsletters, in order to support your business strategies. Monitor views, clicks, and downloads to always keep track of your campaigns’ performance.

Centralize Content Distribution

From a single platform, spread your content across all corporate channels: websites, social media profiles, e-commerce platforms, and other systems. Eliminate duplications and information scatter, simplifying the process for all involved parties.


Save Time Thanks to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence optimizes time and resources: accurate and automatic tagging to support the work of cataloging images, including the identification of scenarios and logo recognition. Thanks to the chatbot, perform intuitive searches in natural language.


DESK: Efficient Integration in the DAM

Our DAM utilizes DESK, distinguishing between public and private spaces. External collaborators, with appropriate authorization, can upload materials to the reserved area. Editors, equipped with specific permissions, review, select, and optimize these contents for publication. This system not only elevates the quality of the materials but also facilitates collaboration.

  • Photo and video assets securely stored
  • Customizable workflows
  • Scalable for large quantities of images and videos


Main Features of MomaPIX


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