What is Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management, also known by the acronym DAM, is a modern technology that deals with the organization, storage, and distribution of multimedia content, which can be easily retrieved and reused because they are accompanied by metadata that describes them.


On what basis to evaluate the use of a DAM software

If you are in a company that makes limited use of images and videos for communication activities, storage on a server or shared storage may be sufficient.

If, on the other hand, the production of images and videos is constant and perhaps you rely on external collaborators such as photographers and videomakers, a level of complexity is generated that is almost impossible to manage without technology.

DAM software allows users to identify, locate, and retrieve the digital asset they need, while also securely sharing it with clients, sponsors, suppliers, and external partners.


What are the issues that DAM can solve

To help you understand whether DAM is something that could benefit you as well, we list below the main issues that marketing/communication departments encounter and for which DAM can be considered the right solution:

Organizing if there is a lot of material (photos, videos, PDFs, etc.), so having a single centralized repository accessible 24/7 even remotely.

Being able to interface easily and controlled with external collaborators: photographers, sponsors, partners, and press, being able to establish what and with whom it is possible to share.

Being able to easily search for files with a search engine based on metadata and not just on folders and files.

Being able to comply with copyright and privacy constraints of images/videos to avoid contractual violations or breaches of GDPR constraints.

Having the appropriate tools to distribute and promote multimedia material, being able to send it via email with previews, slideshows, and download links.

Being able to implement a workflow for processing and publishing content.

Being able to have an easily accessible and updatable online corporate image manual.

MomaSoft is a well-established presence in the Digital Asset Management (DAM) sector. Born in 2006 from a university project, we quickly evolved to become specialists in offering SaaS solutions to businesses, public entities, and photographic agencies.



Flexible-by-design, MomaPIX DAM features particular characteristics of adaptability and usability.

It is a software offered as a subscription-based service, easily scalable, offered on hosting on highly reliable servers.

Important companies such as Edison, WeBuild, Generali Assicurazioni, IGPDecaux, AISM, Università di Milano-Bicocca, Cattolica Assicurazioni, Acea SpA, etc. are already adopting MomaPIX DAM.

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