Web Agencies and Creative Agencies

MomaPIX DAM for Web Agencies and Creative Agencies

Enhance collaboration with your clients and simplify the approval processes for communication materials. With MomaPIX DAM, you have all the tools to best manage the creative asset.

Web Agencies and Creative Agencies

How MomaPIX Supports Web Agencies and Creative Agencies

Collaboration between Agencies and Clients through MomaPIX DAM

Effective collaboration between creative agencies and client companies is crucial for the success of any communication project. Traditionally, this process, filled with email exchanges and feedback, can be lengthy and confusing. Whether it’s creating marketing collateral or organizing photo shoots for e-commerce or events, clarity and efficiency are essential.

MomaPIX DAM software allows web agencies and creative agencies to work in synergy with client companies on a single platform. Here, every stage of the project, from conception to approval of materials, is tracked and documented, ensuring a smooth, organized workflow without hitches, where everyone is always updated on the progress of the work.

Web Agencies and Creative Agencies

Rights Management with Digital Asset Management

Every entity that handles multimedia material must have a clear understanding of the rights associated with each content to avoid costly legal disputes arising from unauthorized use. Restrictions can vary based on several factors, such as geographical location, language, time period, and distribution channel.

MomaPIX DAM facilitates this management, ensuring a continuous and smooth workflow. Thanks to accurate recording of usage rights within the platform, content can be quickly employed with the assurance of full legal compliance, allowing companies to seize business opportunities without fear of violating copyright laws.

Web Agencies and Creative Agencies

Hundreds of clients rely on MomaPIX

“We have been using MomaPIX since 2015 and are very satisfied with the service, which has allowed us to monetize our archive photos while at the same time improving the logistics of our network. Photographers upload their content more quickly and orderly, the desk is always updated and has photos available in real-time for processing.”


Marco Dalla Dea | CEO, YAK Agency


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