MomaPIX DAM for Fashion and Luxury Sector

Maximize the efficiency of cataloging and searching for images and videos. Quickly access content in a secure web environment, optimizing collaboration among various departments and facilitating external sharing.


How MomaPIX Supports the Fashion and Luxury Sector

Photographic Shoot Management

The Digital Asset Management (DAM) system by MomaPIX offers a practical solution for effectively managing photographic and video production related to collections and fashion shows. This system puts an end to the disorganized sharing of visual material, centralizing all resources in a single, well-organized digital archive, where each image and video has its precise place.

With DAM, operations related to photographic shoots become more agile and quick. Photographers and videographers can directly upload their work into the system, making it simple and immediate to monitor related activities, from upload to approval, from search to publication and download. This is all simplified by the use ofArtificial Intelligence, which automatically enriches each image and video with relevant metadata, ensuring impeccable organization and quick, intuitive content retrieval.


Simplified Catalog Creation

Success in the fashion world also depends on the ability to effectively and efficiently manage one’s digital assets. Thanks to a robust and well-organized digital archive, the process of creating fashion houses’ catalogs becomes simple and fast. Images and videos, carefully categorized and described by detailed metadata, are easily accessible and ready to be included in the catalogs of various brands.

With MomaPIX DAM, it’s just a click away to filter products based on their specific features and use the innovative automatic pagination function to quickly and efficiently create PDF catalogs. This not only simplifies the catalog creation process but also ensures consistency and professionalism on every page.
Catalog sharing is also facilitated: collaborators, retailers, and clients can access digital catalogs at any time, ensuring smooth and timely communication among all parties involved. Another step towards success in the vibrant world of fashion.


Hundreds of clients rely on MomaPIX

“All our requests to efficiently manage the photo archive were perfectly met by the MomaPIX software. Their highly motivated IT team always found solutions to any adjustments required.”


Gudrun Wronski | CEO, Blaublut Edition


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