Optimizes and Speeds Up the Selling of Images and Videos

Specifically designed for photo agencies, this platform is built to ensure speed and efficiency in content management, even when dealing with archives containing tens of millions of images. With MomaPIX DAM, you can rely on short upload times, instant searches, and quick, secure distribution of your multimedia assets.

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Main Features

Optimize Workflow with Automation

Minimize manual processes by setting rules that trigger automatic operations. Whether it’s standardizing metadata, applying commercial restrictions, publishing, or removing content, the software autonomously handles it all.

Enhance Your Multimedia Assets with Metadata and Thesauri

Maximize the potential of every image and video by utilizing advanced metadata and thesauri management. By accurately indexing each piece of content, you make searches quick and precise.

Edit Images Directly Online

Save time on editing by using the photo editing tools integrated into the DAM platform. All versions of the same image can be retrieved, and every modification is tracked.

Set Commercial Restrictions Precisely

Strengthen collaborations with suppliers and customers by clearly defining the rights to view and download your content. Ensure that each image and video is shared exclusively with those who have the necessary permissions.

Deliver Photos and Videos in Real Time

Speed up the time-to-market by providing multimedia content to clients instantly. Whether you choose FTP, private links, embed codes, or email, the goal remains the same: to ensure speed for complete customer satisfaction.

Monitor Processes and Content Usage

Leverage the opportunity to enhance your agency’s offerings by gaining awareness of all activities carried out on the platform. Check reports and gather the most useful information for the business.


Leverage Artificial Intelligence for Tagging and Searches

Artificial intelligence becomes the editor’s right hand: automatic and precise tagging to support the work of cataloging images, including emotion identification and text recognition within images. Thanks to the chatbot, perform intuitive searches in natural language.


Enhancement of the archive with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence emerges as the innovative cornerstone for large enterprises, radically transforming the data management process. With automatic tagging powered by AI, what was once a vast, submerged, and unexplored historical archive, akin to a massive iceberg of which companies had only glimpsed the tip, is now brought to light in a surprisingly unprecedented way.

This technology not only ensures precise and automatic tagging but also adequately describes every element of the archive, including subtle nuances such as identifying emotions and recognizing text and logos in images.

Furthermore, thanks to a chatbot that supports natural language searches, accessing the entire archive becomes intuitive and efficient. AI not only illuminates the hidden depths of your information assets but also makes them easily explorable, enhancing every resource. This revolution in data management opens up new possibilities for leveraging multimedia assets, turning every previously overlooked element into a potential value-add.

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