MomaPIX DAM for Photo Agencies and Media

Simplify the workflow to increase sales of photos and videos. MomaPIX has supported dozens of agencies in efficiently managing their digital archives and speeding up content distribution.


How MomaPIX Supports Photo Agencies and Media

Image and Video Distribution to Media

MomaPIX enables photographers and videomakers to share their work in real-time on the photo agency’s DAM platform. The online editorial team decides what to actually store and distribute to the media, ensuring smooth and organized content management.

One of the key features of MomaPIX is its ability to automate content distribution. Based on predefined criteria, such as the supplier’s name or specific fields in the metadata, content uploaded to MomaPIX can be automatically forwarded to partners in real-time. This function ensures that images and videos are distributed quickly and efficiently, without the need for manual intervention.

Thanks to specific import maps for each supplier and automation rules, the MomaPIX DAM software automatically standardizes metadata before publication. This ensures that the archive is well-organized and that searches are easy for both the photo agency and the media authorized to download the content.

Metadata optimization ensures that content is easily findable, making the archive a useful tool for both the photo agency and the media, facilitating the process of distributing multimedia content.

The photo agency can choose from different methods to send photos and videos to the media. Whether through direct distribution or using MomaBlast for mass mailings, delivery is always timely and efficient. Additionally, the MomaTransfer feature offers another option for sharing content with users not registered on the DAM, always ensuring maximum security and speed.


Optimize the Work of Editors

Ease of Selection and Approval

With MomaPIX, editors can easily view, select, and approve the images and videos received daily. The DAM software simplifies this process, allowing editors to focus on choosing the most suitable content without wasting time managing files.

Ease of Video Management

Online editorial teams receive large quantities of content daily from photographers and videomakers, which flows into the multimedia archive. The MomaPIX DAM software facilitates the cataloging of content for quicker selection, approval, and publication.

Digital asset management is functional both for the use of video on demand and for broadcasting live streams. MomaPIX automatically transcodes videos of any format.


Agile Sale of Images and Videos with MomaPIX

With MomaPIX, photo agencies have the ability to assign specific download permissions to companies and media, based on the contracts signed, ensuring security and compliance in transactions.

Offer the possibility to purchase images and videos directly through an online cart, making the purchase immediate and frictionless for your clients.

The software includes an integrated e-commerce module, allowing easy management of price lists, usage licenses, and volume discounts, to maximize sales and customer satisfaction.

MomaPIX supports a wide range of payment options, including credit card, PayPal, Datatrans, Google Pay, and Stripe, to suit every customer’s preference.

For added convenience, it offers the option to purchase prepaid credit packages, allowing clients to spend according to their needs without hassle.

In conclusion, MomaPIX makes the process of purchasing and downloading multimedia content simple, fast, and secure, benefiting both photo agencies and their clients.


Hundreds of clients rely on MomaPIX

“MomaPIX has provided us with an intuitive tool to organize the thousands of images we receive every day. The platform ensures that our clients can quickly find what they are looking for on our site”


Este Langeveldt | CEO, Magazine Features


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