Event and Production Agencies

MomaPIX DAM for Event and Production Agencies

Leverage strategic technology to increase business opportunities and boost photo and video sales. Integrate e-commerce tools to monetize the digital archive.


Event and Production Agencies

How MomaPIX Supports Event and Production Agencies

E-commerce for Photos and Digital Prints

In today’s digital context, continuous online availability is crucial for establishing direct and constant connections with consumers. An online photo store amplifies business possibilities, allowing customers to purchase photos and related products anytime, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Event and production agencies, engaged in social occasions, sports events, graduation sessions, or weddings, have the option to store images on the MomaPIX DAM software. This enables them to easily select and sell desired images through the photographic e-commerce, thus turning every event into an earning opportunity.

Moreover, OCR and facial recognition technologies , which can be integrated into the system, make the process even more effective. They ensure automatic and accurate keywording of images, ensuring that every photo is correctly tagged (for example, with the athlete’s bib number in the documented competition) and made available online for purchase in real-time relative to the event’s unfolding, further simplifying and speeding up the entire sales process.

Event and Production Agencies

Photo and Video Distribution

MomaPIX DAM proves to be a highly useful tool for production agencies and videographers, facilitating the storage, viewing, promotion, distribution, and sale of photos and videos. The software’s automatic transcoding functionality and video streaming ensure that customers have the freedom to select the desired format for purchasing digital content.

To further stimulate the sale of photos and videos, the software allows the creation of promotional newsletters and offers the possibility to distribute content in low resolution. MomaPIX DAM also enables the establishment of different price lists for videos and the application of specific discounts based on customer registration on the platform or the quantities purchased.

Order management is simplified thanks to the online store control panel, integrated directly into the MomaPIX DAM software, ensuring efficient and timely monitoring of all transactions made.

It’s possible to define different price lists for videos and offer discounts based on customers registered to the platform or the quantities purchased. All orders received are checked through the online store management panel integrated into the MomaPIX DAM software.

Event and Production Agencies

Creating Business Opportunities with Sponsors

Adopting advanced digital asset management technology can provide innovative insights for developing efficient processes, thus creating satisfied clientele. An effective way to enhance and monetize the digital archive is by leveraging the visibility offered to sponsors, creating a mutually beneficial business model.

MomaPIX DAM allows for the insertion of advertising banners that are displayed before the free download of photos from an event. This feature offers event agencies the opportunity to propose to companies to sponsor an event, ensuring visibility on the DAM platform.

Before proceeding with the free download of the photos, users will see a pop-up with advertising banners from sponsors. This strategy offers several advantages:

  • Ease of Acquiring Sponsors: Event organizers have the opportunity to attract sponsors with the promise of visibility within the digital archive before downloading photos.
  • Prepayments: Photographic production agencies can benefit from advance payments, regardless of the photos sold.
  • Free Downloads for Consumers: Consumers can download the photos for free, simply by viewing the sponsors’ advertising banners.
  • Email Collection: Before downloading, users can leave their email, allowing for the creation of a contact database for future communications via newsletters.
  • Targeted Advertising: The sponsor has the option to insert a direct link to their online store in the banner, accompanied by persuasive text that invites purchases or offers a special deal.

Opting for MomaPIX DAM opens new opportunities for revenue generation, customer satisfaction, and sponsor visibility.

Event and Production Agencies

Hundreds of clients rely on MomaPIX

“With its flexibility, MomaPIX has given us many opportunities to develop our business. We save a lot of time thanks to the automatic tagging of athletes’ bib numbers. Moreover, the customer support is excellent.”


Prisca Garbani | CEO, Foto Video Garbani


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