Who We Are and What We Do

Born in 2006 from a university project, we have specialized in designing and implementing advanced DAM solutions; we are passionately dedicated to supporting companies, photo agencies, public institutions, and cultural organizations. We provide cutting-edge technologies to optimize and make more efficient the processes of managing and enhancing multimedia content, making our DAM MomaPIX an essential tool for communication and engagement.


Strategic Partnerships for Our Clients

Designed from the outset as a flexible-by-design SaaS, MomaPIX allows our clients to adapt the software to their specific needs. We position ourselves as true strategic partners for our clients, supporting the optimal management of their digital assets.


Agile Methodology: The Heart of MomaPIX DAM Development

Continuous interaction between the development team and clients ensures that the final product meets expectations, faithfully reflecting the company’s requirements.

With MomaPIX DAM, we offer a tailor-made DAM platform, ensuring a simple, smooth, and fully customized digital asset management experience.


Services and Solutions Offered by MomaSoft

MomaSoft positions itself as a strategic partner for companies undergoing digitalization, offering a range of comprehensive services and solutions. Our commitment materializes in constant support, both pre- and post-sale, across several key areas:

Web Migration

Moving and optimizing photo and video archives to the online world, improving search capabilities and establishing effective workflows.

Image Management

Assistance in organizing and optimizing images and metadata, including advice on logical reorganization and the implementation of thesauri.


Establishing data security protocols, hardware structuring, and robust backup strategies.

Customized DAM

Tailoring and personalizing the digital asset management system to meet specific business needs.

Email Marketing

Solutions for email marketing, grounded on a solid video and photographic repository.

Secure Sharing

Using tools like MomaTransfer for secure and easy sharing of digital content.

Automatic Distribution

Tools for the automatic dissemination of multimedia content.

Artificial Intelligence

Incorporating cutting-edge technologies for automatic tagging, facial recognition, OCR, and natural language search.


Creating dedicated platforms for selling video and photographic content.

API Integrations

Ease of integration with other applications and services through APIs.

With MomaSoft, companies have an ally to manage, enhance, and maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their digital assets.


Team MomaPIX

The MomaPIX team is the result of a blend of expertise in software engineering and digital strategy skills.

Claudio Marco Melissari
CEO, CTO, Founder

Francesco Saverio Picciani
Executive director, Founder

Stefano Lettica
Senior Full Stack Developer

Ornella Caradonna
Product Manager

Flavio Gargiulo
Senior Full Stack Developer

Francesco Crinò
Senior Full Stack Developer

Mario Xalfa
Full Stack Developer


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