A centralized repository for the Ghiringhelli company

azienda Ghiringhelli

Customer Profile Founded in 1951, Ezio Ghiringhelli’s company is a leader in the Italian textile panorama. It is characterized by its creative flair that safeguards originality of style and technological innovation, through which the company has expanded its product range and consolidated collaboration with clients worldwide, offering certified services, inspections, and auditing.   Customer Request […]

The DAM software MomaPIX for the distribution of Kunzi’s product images


Customer Profile KÜNZI S.p.A. specializes in the import and distribution across the national territory of cutlery items, offering a range of high-quality products. Since the late ’80s, new product lines related to Kitchen & Design, Outdoor & Lifestyle, and also the Professional world have been developed. I rivenditori hanno costantemente bisogno di immagini di prodotto […]

IGPDecaux organizes the digital archive with the DAM MomaPIX


Customer Profile IGPDecaux is the leading company in outdoor communication in Italy by market share, range of offerings, and the ability to enhance public spaces and services. Photography is essential for showcasing the offer, composed of numerous advertising formats inside and outside buses and trams, communication solutions in subways and airports, shelters, and digital installations […]

Online management of digital content for the Palazzetti Group

Gruppo Palazzetti

Customer Profile With nearly 70 years of activity, Palazzetti is a leader at the European and global level in the heating sector. The fireplaces, stoves, and barbecues produced stand out for their high technological and aesthetic standards and for their absolute respect for the environment. To match the quality of the products, customer relations are […]

Magazine Features distributes images and videos using the DAM MomaPIX

Customer Profile Magazine Features is an image and video distribution agency founded in South Africa in the late ’80s. It mainly deals with celebrities, entertainment, and lifestyle. For over thirty years, it has been the point of reference for the African press and local online media, relying on the best providers of multimedia content worldwide. […]

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