A centralized repository for the Ghiringhelli company

azienda Ghiringhelli

Customer Profile

Founded in 1951, Ezio Ghiringhelli’s company is a leader in the Italian textile panorama. It is characterized by its creative flair that safeguards originality of style and technological innovation, through which the company has expanded its product range and consolidated collaboration with clients worldwide, offering certified services, inspections, and auditing.


Customer Request

The main need of Ghiringhelli was to have a centralized repository with easy access to product photos, to share with current and potential clients that were not possible to meet in person or at trade fairs.


DAM MomaPIX Solution

  • Simplified and user-friendly image search: the search for multimedia material is more agile thanks to the use of metadata, filters, and keywords for image classification.

  • Visible preview of product images: the DAM software allows the sales force to preview product images, optimizing download times and insertion of the same in online catalogs.

  • Sales force constantly aligned: salespeople can independently download the brand’s multimedia material and anticipate the information they deem most useful to the end customer.

  • Access to images H24: retailers can access multimedia material H24, 365 days a year, based on the permissions assigned to them. This aspect speeds up the management and use of product images for marketing materials creation.


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