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Gruppo Palazzetti

Customer Profile

With nearly 70 years of activity, Palazzetti is a leader at the European and global level in the heating sector. The fireplaces, stoves, and barbecues produced stand out for their high technological and aesthetic standards and for their absolute respect for the environment.

To match the quality of the products, customer relations are inspired by principles of timeliness, efficiency, and transparency. For this reason, Palazzetti decided to set up a multilingual online system for digital content management, capable of optimizing communication between the company, retailers, and customers.


Customer Request

Before using the DAM software, finding images functional for communication activities was very time-consuming for both the marketing team and the retailers. Digital contents were stored in a folder on a server that was difficult to maintain and manage and did not contain metadata to facilitate the search. Accesses, moreover, could not be regulated.

The Palazzetti Group intended to improve the efficiency of communication processes between the company, the sales force, and the end customers.


DAM MomaPIX Solution

  • Product images easily searchable because they are described through metadata, in all the necessary languages
  • Contents published in the online archive always up-to-date and approved by the marketing team
  • Authorized retailers do not need to make any request to the department because they can independently download the images for use in their communication materials


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