ACEA and the digital transformation with MomaPIX DAM

Digital Asset Management ACEA

Customer Profile ACEA, one of the leading Italian companies in the public utility sector, has implemented an innovative project for managing its digital resources. With a wide range of activities spanning from water distribution to energy production, ACEA needed a solution to effectively organize, store, and distribute its vast archive of digital content. Customer Request […]

Lungolivigno and MomaPIX DAM: innovation at the heart of the Alps

Founded in 1962, Lungolivigno has become a symbol of excellence in the hospitality and fashion sector in the heart of the Italian Alps. Lungolivigno’s offerings range from cozy hotels to restaurants that celebrate local cuisine, to fashion boutiques featuring selections from the finest brands. A strong commitment to sustainability and a deep love for their […]

The Fundamental Elements for Cataloging and Organizing Digital Assets

catalogazione DAM software

With the exponential increase in the volume of digital resources such as images, videos, documents, and other media, companies must find efficient ways to manage these assets. Optimal management not only improves access to and utilization of these resources but also helps preserve their value over time. Metadata, Taxonomy, Controlled Vocabularies, and Artificial Intelligence for […]

Best Practices for an effective Digital Asset Management strategy

The effective organization of digital assets has become essential for businesses. The optimal management of photos and videos, whose numbers have grown exponentially, not only facilitates workflow and increases productivity but also contributes to improving collaboration and organizational efficiency. In this article, we will explore the best practices for developing an effective Digital Asset Management (DAM) strategy […]

5 Reasons why a company should adopt a DAM Software

DAM per ufficio marketing

Are you looking for an efficient way to manage your online archive and corporate media center? Digital Asset Management (DAM) software could be the solution you’re looking for. In this article, we’ll explore what DAM software is and how it can improve the management of your online archive. Finally, we’ll provide you with some tips […]

Perspectives for 2024: Artificial Intelligence integrated into MomaPIX DAM

Intelligenza Artificiale su MomaPIX

As we approach the end of a year filled with challenges and successes, it’s the perfect time to reflect on what we have achieved and anticipate what the future holds for MomaPIX in 2024. 2023 was a year of significant growth in MomaPIX’s history, during which we dedicated ourselves to innovating our Digital Asset Management […]

MomaSoft takes part in Visa pour l’Image 2023

Visa Perpignan

MomaSoft is excited to take part in one of the most prestigious events in the world of photography, Visa pour l’Image 2023. Visa pour l’Image is an international festival of photojournalism and documentary photography that brings together photographers, journalists, industry experts, and enthusiasts from all over the world in Perpignan. It’s a gathering place where powerful stories are […]

The new era of event image distribution with Swiss-Image

archivio Swiss Image

We are thrilled to present our collaboration with Swiss-Image, which has led to the creation of a groundbreaking solution for image distribution during events. For three years, we have been working closely with Swiss-Image to develop an innovative cloud-based solution for image management, from the camera directly to the media. Swiss-Image innovation for successful events: the benefits […]

The importance of Digital Asset Management for manufacturing companies

Digital Asset Management per aziende manifatturiere

In the digital age we live in, fast and reliable access to digital assets has become a key success factor for businesses across all industries. Manufacturing companies are no exception. With the enormous amount of data and content generated, both for sales and communication needs, Digital Asset Management (DAM) can prove to be a valuable ally for […]

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