The new era of event image distribution with Swiss-Image

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We are thrilled to present our collaboration with Swiss-Image, which has led to the creation of a groundbreaking solution for image distribution during events. For three years, we have been working closely with Swiss-Image to develop an innovative cloud-based solution for image management, from the camera directly to the media.

Swiss-Image innovation for successful events: the benefits of DAM

Thanks to our established DAM solution, MomaPIX, combined with the technical implementation of Swiss-Image’s development proposals, such as automatic tagging, image optimization, and easy uploading to the Swiss-Image online multimedia archive, we can now offer an extraordinary service for image workflows during events and print photography.

With Swiss-Image’s advanced technology, a single photographer can manage the entire process directly from their smartphone, significantly streamlining the workflow. This approach offers numerous practical and financial advantages for events of all sizes.

  • Fast and Efficient Image Communication One of Swiss-Image’s primary objectives is to ensure timely dissemination of event photos to the media. This not only increases the event’s visibility but also maximizes image utilization.
  • Full Support for Organizers Swiss-Image is committed to providing high-quality images for websites, social media, and media communications right from the start of the event. Thanks to their integrated publishing tools, this process is even smoother and more efficient.

LiveImage PRO: automation at the service of events

Thanks to Swiss-Image’s LiveImage PRO solution, image-related processes are impeccably automated. Event photos are made available to the media and organizers rapidly, sometimes within 15 seconds from the moment they are taken. This solution has proven its value during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown period and is also ideal for events with only one photographer.

For events like press conferences or situations where time is essential, Swiss-Image offers the LiveImage PRO ONE “Meet the Press” solution. This variant is designed to provide photos and descriptions rapidly for quick press conferences, ensuring fast and targeted distribution to media and social media.

For events that require comprehensive and detailed coverage, Swiss-Image offers the LiveImage PRO TOP package. This solution includes a wide range of services, such as high-quality photographs taken by professionals, direct transfer of data to the LiveImage cloud, automatic image optimization, and descriptive texts. A photographer on-site and an image editor work together to ensure an optimal workflow and targeted distribution to the media.

Swiss-Image and MomaSoft: a successful partnership

Thanks to the collaboration with Swiss-Image, MomaSoft is excited to offer this innovative event image distribution solution. The efficiency, speed, and reliability of Swiss-Image’s technology can optimize event visibility and ensure maximum media coverage. We are confident that this partnership will lead to even more unforgettable and successful events!


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