Lungolivigno and MomaPIX DAM: innovation at the heart of the Alps

Founded in 1962, Lungolivigno has become a symbol of excellence in the hospitality and fashion sector in the heart of the Italian Alps. Lungolivigno’s offerings range from cozy hotels to restaurants that celebrate local cuisine, to fashion boutiques featuring selections from the finest brands. A strong commitment to sustainability and a deep love for their land define the company’s philosophy, creating a unique connection with the local community and the natural environment.

Lungolivigno’s Digital Innovation with MomaPIX DAM

In a context of continuous evolution, Lungolivigno identified the need to modernize its multimedia content management strategy. The group faced a growing challenge: the disorganized management of digital assets, which included photos, videos, and promotional materials scattered across various devices and formats. This fragmentation caused operational inefficiencies, delays in content distribution, and ultimately, inconsistent brand communication.

The answer to these challenges came with the decision to adopt MomaPIX DAM software, marking a qualitative leap in the management of digital assets. MomaPIX allows Lungolivigno to centralize digital resources in a single accessible system, significantly improving internal sharing and operational efficiency. This tool proves crucial in strengthening the brand’s identity and optimizing content distribution across digital channels.

The Benefits of Digital Asset Management for a Leading Brand in the Hospitality Sector

The adoption of Digital Asset Management can optimize the way Lungolivigno tells its story, enabling a more fluid and efficient narration of the brand, both online and offline. Every Fine Dining dish in the restaurants, every detail of the furnishings in the hotels, can take on a clear and immediate digital expression, ready to be shared with the world.

The benefits are tangible: from brand consistency to the acceleration of workflows, to the enhancement of marketing strategies. This operational choice improves the management of digital resources and enriches the customer experience, staying true to the excellence that has always characterized Lungolivigno.

In an increasingly connected world, these technological choices lay the groundwork for a future where tradition and innovation blend. Lungolivigno positions itself as a virtuous example of how digitalization can go hand in hand with sustainability and respect for the environment and community.


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