Improving the workflow associated with image management and distribution MomaPIX per Swiss-Image


Customer Profile

Swiss-Image is a renowned Swiss photography agency, a leader in technological innovation for the dissemination of images during events, providing advanced tools to optimize visibility and media coverage.


Customer Request

Swiss Image aimed to improve the workflow related to the management and distribution of images during events.

Their challenge was to simplify the process of acquiring, optimizing, and distributing images while ensuring timely and high-quality dissemination for the media and online channels.


DAM MomaPIX Solution

  • MomaSoft developed a revolutionary DAM solution that transformed the way images are managed and distributed during events.
  • Automatic Tagging and Image Optimization: this allows for quick categorization of photos and refinement of their quality for a better visual experience.
  • Easy Upload to Multimedia Cloud: images can be quickly uploaded to Swiss-Image’s online multimedia archive by all authorized photographers. This simplifies the process of storage and access to images by organizers, media, and participants.
  • Mobile Workflow Management: photographers can manage the entire process directly from their smartphone. This has significantly simplified the workflow, allowing for real-time monitoring and immediate image upload.
  • Rapid Dissemination to Media: the process of distributing images to the media and organizers has been automated. Event photos are made available in less than 20 seconds, ensuring instant media coverage.


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