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Swiss Image photo agency has developed a new system for managing and distributing photos, based on MomaPIX technology. It was not simply a matter of setting up a better performing image database, but of reviewing the entire workflow to offer the media services that were truly efficient. In particular, the goal of drastically cutting the time for putting digital content online has been achieved, which can reach the newsrooms or the public in just 15 seconds after shooting.

Find out in this article how to make photos available online in real time.

Caption builder for time-to-market reduction: how it works

A common need for all media is to have at their disposal, in the shortest time, images with descriptions, captions and credits of the photographer. Photos without proper metadata cannot be found in image systems. The workflow proposed by Swiss Image not only solves this problem, but also guarantees unbeatable transmission and publication times for images.

The key tool of this workflow is the caption builder integrated in MomaPIX DAM, which allows you to prepare the metadata of one or more events in advance. This feature is particularly useful for those who follow events and need to reduce time-to-market. The contents are sent via FTP to the MomaPIX site directly from the camera and are immediately searchable, as the metadata are automatically taken from the information indicated through the caption builder. Photographers have the opportunity to select pre-filled captions and enrich the descriptions of the images online before sending them to the editorial system. Mobile photos and videos are sent with a slightly reduced workflow and this processing can be even faster, all the way to being online in just 10 seconds.

Unimaginable possibilities open up for print photographers in terms of delivery speed, greater mobility, more flexible assignments and less stress. Journalists with cell phone cameras can also make good use of the web solution. Online media, in particular, should be able to benefit enormously from this new workflow for image distribution.

Reduce the costs of photographic post-production with the caption builder

The new image and video delivery system automates, streamlines, accelerates and simplifies the workflow from the event's cameras to the editors, event organizer and audience. Photographers are able to manage the entire process independently, thanks to automatic workflows. Transferring, image processing and online publishing take no more than 15 seconds.

Photos are technically optimized, subtitled and automatically transferred to the media. In this context, image editing programs such as Photoshop or Photostation become superfluous. In fact, MomaPIX DAM also integrates online image correction tools: elements such as density, saturation and contrast can be changed online, before being sent to the media.

The costs of photographic post production are zero, and event organizers can benefit from a leading image service and fast transmission to the media.

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