Photographic e-commerce and Artificial Intelligence in the DAM of Foto Video Garbani agency

Customer Profile

Foto Video Garbani is a photographic agency founded in Locarno in 1928, starting with a small shop and black and white lab. Today, it has 3 branches and employs about ten collaborators. Its scope ranges from taking photographs for sports events and shows to photos for private events such as anniversaries, weddings, baptisms, communions, confirmations, or family portraits. In over 90 years of activity, the historic Ticinese company has managed to adapt to market changes by exploiting the opportunities offered by technology.


Customer Request

Foto Video Garbani needed technology that would save time in cataloging the numerous photos produced at events. To increase sales opportunities, it was also important to provide customers with an easy-to-use tool for purchasing images online, avoiding long appointments in the store to choose photos. In essence, a support tool in managing the photo archive and in selling photos online.


DAM MomaPIX Solution

  • OCR technology (Optical Characters Recognition) for text recognition in images: thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the software can recognize the number of bibs and automatically insert them as keywords associated with the photos uploaded to the digital archive, avoiding manual entry.
  • Automatic tagging: if before it took two days of work by 5-6 people, with the use of DAM MomaPIX software, customers can purchase photos on the e-commerce immediately after the race.
  • Online store: the integrated photographic e-commerce in the digital asset management has allowed Foto Video Garbani to provide a more efficient service to its customers and to increase online photo sales.
  • Simplified photo search: customers have an overview of all their photos. In the case of sports events, it’s enough to type the bib number to find their photos. On the day of the event, Foto Video Garbani photographers provide credentials for access to the reserved archive, which will be available within a few hours on the DAM platform, so that only users with the password can view the photos.
  • Increase in event sponsors: thanks to the introduction of advertising banners in the digital asset management, which clients see before they can download photos of some events for free, Foto Video Garbani can advertise sponsors in the digital archive. Offering this exchange, it’s easier to find sponsors.


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