How a DAM software can improve the management of corporate videos

gestione dei video aziendali

Corporate videos are an effective form of marketing and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as employee training, product or service promotion, and social media content creation. However, managing and organizing these digital assets can be complicated and requires an effective solution.

In this article we will see how a DAM (Digital Asset Management) software can simplify the management of corporate videos, increasing the efficiency and productivity of the team.

Organization and cataloging of corporate videos

Corporate video management can become complex if the right tool is not adopted. The adoption of DAM, on the contrary, can bring numerous benefits to companies. First, it allows you to easily organize all your videos in one platform. This means employees can quickly access videos and share them with colleagues.

Another benefit of using DAM for corporate video management is the ability to catalog with metadata. These include information about the video title, description, creation date, duration, and more. It’s a structured archiving system that allows you to easily organize your videos into categories and tags, so you can quickly find them when needed. Metadata helps to quickly identify videos and retrieve them based on specific user needs.

Furthermore, corporate videos may be subject to copyright. A DAM software offers a copyright management system that allows you to monitor who has access to your videos and ensure that copyrights are respected.

Sharing and distribution of corporate videos

Corporate videos often need to be shared between different team members or with clients. A DAM software allows you to easily share videos through a secure and monitored sharing system. This way, you can access the videos you need without having to search for the material manually.

Corporate videos need to be distributed across different communication channels such as corporate website, social media, newsletter and more. By integrating the DAM via API, you can easily distribute your videos across different platforms and channels. For example, a video created for employee training can be distributed through an online training platform, such as Udemy or Coursera, while a promotional video can be distributed on social media or on the company website. Distributing videos across different platforms and channels allows businesses to reach a wider audience and increase the effectiveness of their videos.

In summary, a DAM software greatly simplifies the management of corporate videos, offering a centralized archiving system, secure and monitored sharing, rapid distribution and copyright management.

If your company uses video as a marketing tool, DAM software can make all the difference in managing these digital assets. Contact us for more information, we can organize a presentation of the MomaPIX DAM solution that best suits your context.


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