Grosby Group uses MomaPIX to archive its corporate materials

Customer Profile

For 20 years, Grosby Group has been an exclusive agency for entertainment content in Latin America and the US Hispanic market.

The company manages a vast network of content providers, including photographers, videomakers, and creatives, with whom it collaborates to acquire the necessary materials. Thanks to this vast and continuously expanding representation, Grosby Group can distribute the best visual content worldwide.


Customer Request

The analysis of Grosby Group’s needs by the MomaPIX team identified the following main challenges to address:

  • Management of supplier materials: receiving and organizing materials from numerous suppliers is complex, due to the thousands of contents to be archived every day and the non-uniform compilation of metadata.
  • Global content distribution: Grosby Group must manage the distribution of produced contents in various world regions, ensuring access to digital resources for clients.
  • Control and security of access: it is necessary to maintain strict control over access to digital resources, ensuring that materials are available only to authorized staff, clients, and distribution partners.
  • Speed and reliability: with a large volume of content continuously growing, the agency needs an efficient system to manage workflows and ensure quick access times to content.


DAM MomaPIX Solution

  • MomaPIX is an advanced DAM solution, ideal for content production agencies that need efficient management of materials from suppliers and global content distribution. Following the implementation of MomaPIX, Grosby Group achieved several significant benefits:
  • Improved efficiency in material management: centralizing supplier materials has simplified the process of acquiring and organizing content.
  • Facilitated global distribution: MomaPIX has allowed Grosby Group to selectively distribute content to local teams and distribution partners in different regions.
  • Secure access control: the implementation of MomaPIX has enabled the agency to maintain strict control over access to materials, protecting the confidentiality of content and intellectual property rights.
  • More efficient workflows: MomaPIX has simplified internal workflows, allowing staff to quickly access required content and improving the agency’s overall productivity.


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