Automate photo and video management with DAM software

automazione processi con il software DAM

One of the main advantages in adopting Digital Asset Management is the saving of time in managing multimedia content. We have seen how the DAM software allows you to quickly find photos and videos online and to structure workflows for managing photographic contributions.

But the speeding up of operations does not stop there. There are multiple activities that can be automated with Digital Asset Management.

Let’s see the opportunities offered by the MomaPIX DAM in terms of automation of multimedia content management.

Define rules for correct content classification

Correctly classifying content is one of the basic challenges for a successful Digital Asset Management. The MomaPIX DAM software intervenes to standardize the metadata, starting from the metadata itself or from the file name.

In practice, the metadata can be added, deleted or modified, without the editing activity being carried out manually.

Through the rules panel, the conditions to be checked on the metadata of the new files uploaded to the archive are specified and, in the event of a match, the automatic intervention that the software must perform.

If you are used to having encoded filenames, you can configure the software to interpret the encoding and act accordingly. For example, if the file name contains a syntax of the type customer_city_product, in the metadata the customer field will be automatically set with the customer’s name, the city field with the city etc. This will make it easier to search based on specific keywords and filters.

Here are other examples of the rules that can be defined:

  • if the “supplier” field contains “marketing”, the category field will be set to “company presentations”
  • if the “credit” field is equal to Mario Rossi photographer, the caption field will be preceded by “no web”

Set up rules to initiate automatic actions

Rules panel of MomaPIX DAM software is extremely versatile as, in addition to putting the metadata in order, it allows you to automatically perform certain actions.

The flexibility in setting rules mainly applies to the viewing and download permissions management and content distribution.

How do automation tools work?

When loading the files, the software intercepts the contents of the filename or metadata, then checks the rules and if one of the conditions imposed is met, it can perform actions such as:

  • reserve viewing or downloading of the uploaded content for specific users or groups
  • prevent certain users or groups from viewing or downloading uploaded content
  • deliver the files to one or more registered users on the DAM platform
  • publish content, hide it or move it to the trash

Realizing what the market is asking for: speeding up workflows

In relations with our customers, we see an increasingly marked request for speeding up processes emerge.

The developments of our MomaPIX DAM software have met this trend, offering additional tools to save time.

Other useful actions to speed up the workflow are:

  • setting of notifications that warn of the completion of certain activities and the consequent need to activate the next steps
  • OCR for text recognition in images and artificial intelligence for automatic tagging
  • Creation of newsletters starting from the contents of the online multimedia archive

If you want to learn more about the market trends for the automation of content management, contact us now for a comparison.


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