Best Practices for an effective Digital Asset Management strategy

The effective organization of digital assets has become essential for businesses. The optimal management of photos and videos, whose numbers have grown exponentially, not only facilitates workflow and increases productivity but also contributes to improving collaboration and organizational efficiency. In this article, we will explore the best practices for developing an effective Digital Asset Management (DAM) strategy […]

Perspectives for 2024: Artificial Intelligence integrated into MomaPIX DAM

Intelligenza Artificiale su MomaPIX

As we approach the end of a year filled with challenges and successes, it’s the perfect time to reflect on what we have achieved and anticipate what the future holds for MomaPIX in 2024. 2023 was a year of significant growth in MomaPIX’s history, during which we dedicated ourselves to innovating our Digital Asset Management […]

The importance of Digital Asset Management for manufacturing companies

Digital Asset Management per aziende manifatturiere

In the digital age we live in, fast and reliable access to digital assets has become a key success factor for businesses across all industries. Manufacturing companies are no exception. With the enormous amount of data and content generated, both for sales and communication needs, Digital Asset Management (DAM) can prove to be a valuable ally for […]

How to use digital assets effectively in marketing and communication campaigns

digital asset per il marketing

In the world of marketing and communication, digital assets have become an essential element for advertising campaigns, branding strategies and content creation. As we have seen in a previous article of our blog, one of the trends of recent years in terms of digital strategy is the evolution of companies to media companies, which allows reaching the public in a […]

Photo and video management: DAM software or Google Drive?

software DAM confronto con Google Drive

When you have to manage photos and videos, you have to understand which is the most appropriate tool to do it. Usually the first need to address is ease of access to content, and Google Drive immediately comes to mind. In many cases, problems don’t end there: there can be thousands of files and fast research becomes essential. […]

Digital Asset Management for companies that are evolving towards the media company

software DAM per le media company

Many brands are incorporating content creation and distribution activities into their business strategy. This is because consumers are spending more and more time with digital media and companies want to capture their attention through these channels. Basically, companies are evolving towards media companies because digital technologies have transformed the way people consume media content. Media companies have […]

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