IGPDecaux organizes the digital archive with the DAM MomaPIX


Customer Profile IGPDecaux is the leading company in outdoor communication in Italy by market share, range of offerings, and the ability to enhance public spaces and services. Photography is essential for showcasing the offer, composed of numerous advertising formats inside and outside buses and trams, communication solutions in subways and airports, shelters, and digital installations […]

The Digital Asset Management Trends for 2024 with MomaPIX

Il 2024 Con MomaPIX

The world of Digital Asset Management (DAM) is constantly evolving, and 2024 is shaping up to be a year of remarkable innovation and growth. Companies, in a context of rapid digitalization and proliferation of digital content, are increasingly adopting Digital Asset Management solutions to navigate the chaos of digital data. In this context, MomaPIX positions […]

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