what is digital asset management

Digital Asset Management, also known by the acronym DAM, is a modern technology that deals with the organization, storage and recovery of multimedia content, giving the possibility to manage rights and authorizations connected to them.

Equipped with powerful and practical functions for research, it allows the internal staff of a company to identify, locate and recover the resource it needs, also making it possible, if necessary, to share it with customers, suppliers and external partners.

Since the beginning of the millennium, every type of digital media has become part of our daily life. Photos, videos, audios etc. have experienced exponential growth thanks to new trends and innovations. Therefore companies need to catalog digital content in order to use it at the right time, without wasting time.

Contexts of use of digital asset management

Digital asset management results is the creation of a digital archive to manage multimedia content and optimize working times.

Let's see some examples of using the DAM software in different contexts:

  • Marketing offices: a DAM software will improve the perception of the brand to consumers, thanks to a communication capable of always using updated and appropriate materials
  • Designers: engineers, architects, agronomists and any other professional in design has the opportunity to exploit the potential of DAM in the rapid search for content that needs to be changed or consulted several times. This determines a considerable saving of time in the working activity
  • Sales team: the DAM software allows to make available to sellers updated materials and resources that are easily distributed to the customer
  • Agencies: whether they are from the tourism, advertising, publishing or fashion sector, using digital asset management software, agencies will have the opportunity to organize all their multimedia material in an easily accessible image and video archive, perfect ally for effective communication.

A DAM software is therefore able to help any type of company, providing decisive support in the conservation and recovery of digital resources. From procurement to distribution, this technology will accompany the whole process, with a great saving of time.

MomaPIX DAM: the program for managing corporate content

A DAM software such as MomaPIX for the management of multimedia content is decisive in increasing business efficiency. With our technology, all images and videos will become an authentic resource that can be used for communication. By increasing the perception of brand value, revenues and sales will increase accordingly.

Stay up to date on the potential of MomaPIX DAM by following our blog or contact us directly for any information on corporate asset management.

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