images management with DAM software

Digital asset managementis an important ally in the company to save time in managing images.

The archive is online and accessible 24 hours a day from any location, with the possibility of retouching photos, choosing the resolution for download and performing automatic keywording.

Photo editing in MomaPIX digital asset management

The use of photo editing programs requires specific training, in addition to the purchase of specific licenses for the software. This can be a problem for companies, in the absence of budgets and time to invest.

MomaPIX DAM provides a solution for both aspects, since it allows you to perform the main photo editing operations with ease even for those without specific skills, directly on the files uploaded to the online archive. For example, to obtain all the images in the desired resolution, two clicks or two keyboard shortcuts are enough: one to select all the images of the event, the other to download them directly in the size you need.

Crop, rotate, flip, zoom etc. functions of photo editing programs are integrated into MomaPIX digital asset management. In addition, the software will keep track of all saved versions, which can be eventually recovered.

Automatic cataloging of images with DAM MomaPIX software

MomaPIX DAM software allows you to automatically catalog the images of the digital archive.

Let's take the case of a marketing department of a food company that must catalog all the product images, highlighting all the ingredients shown on the package.

Time savings are guaranteed with MomaPIX DAM, thanks to the artificial intelligence it uses. There is no need to look at every single package and manually write down all the ingredients. It is sufficient to load the images in the archive and the software, thanks to OCR (Optycal Character Recognition) technology, will recognize all the texts and automatically insert them in a pre-established field among the metadata that describe the images.

Less than 1 minute and everything will be cataloged without errors. From that moment on, all users authorized to access the contents of the product package will be able to find them in a few seconds with a search on the online archive, filtering the results also by ingredients.

Contact us to experience by yourself the time savings your company can achieve using MomaPIX DAM for image management.

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