online collaboration with digital asset management

Collaborating online means that team members are digitally connected and can relate in real-time in a virtual space. This mode of interaction allows organizations of any type to optimize communication, as all those involved have the technology to exchange ideas and information necessary for the implementation of projects.

Online collaboration is usually achieved through software that offers the possibility of chatting, video calling, keeping track of the progress of activities and organizing meetings remotely. It is about laying the foundations to work efficiently in smart-working and carry out the digital strategy.

Find out how to realize your team's growth potential by leveraging online collaboration.

Softwares and app for online collaboration.

The softwares and apps to facilitate collaboration and online project management are many and of various types. They range from those that allow teamwork to be organized, such as Asana, Trello and Jira, to file hosting services such as Dropbox or Google Drive, which provide shared storage space.

The main advantages of using online tools for project management are:

  • bring team activities together in a centralized platform, so everyone knows who has to do what, which activities are prioritized and when to work
  • organize and assign tasks
  • view activity lists to facilitate each step of the work and understand where things hang.

Storing multimedia content online on a centralized hub is useful for:

  • create opportunities for teams to work together in a shared database
  • boost creativity starting from already produced texts, images or videos
  • increase productivity by having the material available to carry out projects.

Having these tools is a good start, but can a company limit itself to this for professional management of all aspects related to its communication, brand identity, physical and legal security of its multimedia content? The answer is probably no, indeed it is not at all and let's see why below.

In order to optimize the management of data storage and focus on online collaboration, it is advisable to have a Digital Asset Management software.

Online collaboration with Digital Asset Management

Digital asset management improves collaboration between users in various ways. Everything originates from the possibility of accessing digital contents and being able to modify them if necessary based on the roles and permissions available in the DAM.

We summarize below the benefits of online collaboration in the MomaPIX DAM software and the advantages compared to a simple shared space in the cloud:

It is precisely the streamlining of workflows that makes the difference between Digital Asset Management and cloud storage: it is not just a matter of sharing a virtual workspace but of setting up a strategy to optimize business processes.

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