Multilingual digital asset management

When dealing with the organization of the digital asset, it is often a question of having the appropriate tools available for the distribution of images and videos worldwide. This means having to manage multimedia content in multiple languages, as many as there are markets to which it is addressed. MomaPIX digital asset management supports multilingual management of digital assets: in practice, each descriptive field of images and videos is available in the necessary languages. The benefits that derive from this opportunity are tangible and, once the main KPIs have been identified, it will not be difficult to calculate the ROI resulting from the use of a DAM software for multilingual management of the multimedia asset. Let's deepen below what it means to manage metadata in different languages with MomaPIX DAM.

Automatic translation of product catalogs in the DAM software

Let's think of a multinational that has to manage product catalogs in all the languages of the markets in which it operates. What problems should it face and what processes should it set up? Simplifying, we can say that it should allocate human and technological resources to archive and describe the images used by the marketing and sales area in various languages. A preliminary and indispensable activity is to identify the attributes that characterize the products: starting from here, the list of metadata that must be considered in reference to the images can be drawn up. This classification represents the basis for organizing the material necessary for the production of the product catalog. The next step is to fill in the metadata with texts in all the languages in which the catalog is to be distributed. The work is not trivial, it requires a lot of time and language skills.

How does MomaPIX digital asset management manage to simplify this workflow? The answer goes through the research and development work carried out in recent months which, among other things, has expanded the range of languages supported for the management of metadata. The information associated with the contents is now managed and encoded with the Cyrillic and Hebrew alphabets. In addition, the development integrates with translation services and allows the automatic execution of translations. The tool can also be managed manually, activating the translation if necessary and submitting it for approval before going online.

Advantages of multilingual digital asset management

Multilingual metadata management offers interesting competitive advantage scenarios. MomaPIX DAM software, supporting the multilingual management of the digital asset, adapts to the needs of organizations targeting international markets. The metadata describing images and videos are entered in a single language and automatically translated by digital asset management. With research and development work for the integration of additional languages, aimed at responding to the needs of internationalization revealed by prospects and customers, all the descriptive fields of the images and videos are also available in Hebrew and Russian.

The qualitative advantages of this innovation are:

  • Time savings thanks to the automation of translations: a word is written in only one language and translated into the other languages ​​of the centralized archive before the search is started
  • Consistency of information on digital assets for the various markets where digital asset management is used
  • Better user experience in digital asset management, thanks to the interface customization of MomaPIX DAM software in various languages.

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