email marketing in digital asset management

Digital communication is now at the forefront, the ways to reach customers and partners have multiplied, including remarketing and social communication. Yet email marketing continues to be very popular for brands, we can say the most functional marketing channel in different contexts.

Whether it is to inform employees about institutional events, or to update the sales force with the new product catalogs available, sending a newsletter is an excellent idea to easily reach the goal.

Using Digital Asset Management software to control the media gallery ensures that photos and videos are always accessible by authorized people. MomaPIX DAM also integrates all the email marketing tools that allow you to create newsletters starting from the contents uploaded to the platform.

Marketing in DAM for an effective brand management

We are in daily contact with our customers, users of the DAM MomaPIX software, to investigate their workflows and consequently develop multimedia asset management features that can facilitate them. We like to ask many questions to understand what they really need and also intercept unexpressed needs.

We recently released a free update on all cloud DAM installations to allow our client companies to improve brand management through the promotion tools offered by the software.

Email marketing, full-screen content presentation and MomaTransfer for file delivery via private link are now integrated into the promotion module, expanding the range of options available for sending and downloading photos and videos.

Consequently, the user experience has been further refined for the aspects related to the sharing of images and videos stored on digital asset management.

Creating newsletter by Digital Asset Management

The photos and videos that are uploaded to MomaPIX DAM platform become multimedia content ready for sharing within or outside the company. It is sufficient to select images or videos and use the software email editor to create newsletters to be sent to the various company stakeholders.

Newsletters can be used not only as a way to present certain content, but also to transfer and download it to recipients.

The update of the promotion module has included several new features, which have increased the flexibility of the marketing tools. Among these:

  • The ability to insert a link with a presentation of the contents on a full-screen slideshow, and the possible download of the proposed contents
  • The ability to add different download options, even for single photo
  • The tracking of clicks and downloads of the images and / or videos inserted in the presentation
  • The updating of the graphics

An alternative to WeTransfer included in Digital Asset Management software

Among the marketing tools, MomaPIX DAM software includes MomaTransfer, which is a very functional alternative to WeTransfer. In fact, the link to allow the download is activated directly from the contents of the online archive, with the advantage of also having all the related reports on the same platform used for archiving.

MomaTransfer offers numerous options for downloading photos and videos, which are

  • duration of validity of the link
  • number of times files can be downloaded through the link
  • application of the watermark on the contents
  • resolution at which content can be downloaded (high or low)
  • possibility to download the files individually as well as in bulk with .zip files
  • preview of the contents on the download screen

The download link can be reserved for users who have access to the online archive, also protected by an unlock code, or free, ie also for all those who do not have permissions on the DAM platform.

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