Keep control over content with Digital Asset Management Digital Asset Management is an integrated system that allows you to manage content in a strategic and centralized way.

Assets are digital resources that have value for the company, as they can be used in various stages of communication and at different times. It includes, for example: images, videos, logos, audio recordings, text documents etc.

Without the adoption of the principles of the DAM, multimedia contents get out of control, because basic actions are not implemented to achieve this goal.

A correct asset management methodology includes:

  • the cataloging of contents
  • the definition of a metadata strategy, to better name and describe the files
  • the application of the rights of use
  • sharing of resources with authorized persons only etc.

Let's see how you can take control of multimedia content with Digital Asset Management.

How to define permissions and roles with the DAM platform

Defining the permissions for viewing, editing, downloading and sharing the digital asset is one of the main actions for maintaining control of multimedia content.

The company will have to allocate resources to decide "who can do what" but, without a doubt, it is time well spent, which will prove to be rewarding in many ways. Each file will be accessible only by authorized people. Consequently, once the permissions and roles in the management of photos and videos have been established, the processes will be fluid and you will be sure not to incur in careless uses of the material.

A Digital Asset Management platform allows you to create a personal user account for each employee, collaborator or partner or even make use of the SSO system already present in the company.

The permissions of digital asset management assigned based on roles concern:

  • Uploading photos, videos or documents to the archive
  • The approval and effective publication of the materials
  • The definition of limits on the viewing and downloading of certain sections of the archive or individual assets
  • The ability to comment and edit content work in progress
  • The creation of new users and groups
  • Sharing of the digital asset via e-mail or link
  • Sending newsletters starting from the contents of the archive

Reporting on searches and downloads of photos and videos

We have seen that Digital Asset Management avoids the risk of uncontrolled use of multimedia content. On the contrary, the creation of users in which specific permissions are defined makes it possible to know at any time “who does what”.

The monitoring of digital asset processes is carried out through reporting on any activity carried out on the DAM platform, from uploading files to editing them, searching, sharing via email or embed code and downloading.

The reports obtained through MomaPIX DAM can be widely customized. In fact, it is possible to define which data to show and in what order, with the detail of the IP address from which the activity was performed. In addition, all reports relating to the photo and video archive can be downloaded in Excel, as well as viewed online within the software.

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