If you are looking for how to manage very high resolution photos online, MomaPIX can help you. Our digital asset management software is able to archive very high resolution images, typically used in various sectors such as scientific, medical, geographic, astronomical or artistic. In other words, the MomaPIX DAM software offers gigapixel photo hosting solutions that allow you to enjoy extremely high definition images online and zoom them to the smallest detail.

Innovative technology to store and edit very high resolution images online

The integration of technology to view and manage gigapixel images in the MomaPIX DAM is part of a broader research and development project aimed at reducing time-to-market in certain business contexts.

It was a question of overcoming the limits hitherto imposed by hardware and software in the management of images with almost unlimited definition. The technology developed is applied to the display of photos of the highest quality and allows you to add value in many areas.

One of the sectors that benefits most is that of art. The photos made up of billions of pixels represent real digital copies of the paintings and artistic works. Consequently, the tools are available to create experiences of online use of art, through the organization of virtual exhibitions. Leafing through the works from PCs and mobile devices, you click on the image by activating a magnifying glass that allows you to appreciate individual brushstrokes in a way that would not be possible for the human eye. This is why MomaPIX is a digital asset management software for museums and art galleries that must preserve and promote the cultural heritage under management.

See a fullscreen preview of the zoom for high-resolution images

Advantages of the integration in the DAM software of the zoom for high resolution images

From the point of view of the end user, we are in a position to offer a service that has been virtually absent on the market up to now, that is, a DAM capable of storing and making very high resolution images usable. Whether it is public and cultural bodies or companies, what is at stake is to carry out a digital transformation capable of enhancing the image archives available.

The advantages of cloud storage of gigapixel images and online enlargement of the details of the photos displayed are combined with the advantages of MomaPIX digital asset management, including:

If you are interested in exploring all the functionalities of MomaPIX digital asset management useful for your business, contact us and we will offer you a tour of the software tailored to your needs.

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