Digital security in the company

Digital security in the company is a very broad topic. One of the main aspects concerns the security of corporate content: for correct brand management, it is essential that only authorized images and videos are used.

A DAM software is able to provide companies with this guarantee, for 3 factors:

  • predefined permissions for each user
  • approval workflow for multimedia content
  • upload filters.

Pre-defined roles and permissions in MomaPIX digital asset management

Digital asset management offers the possibility to set personalized permissions for each user or group of users. Since the profiles are predefined, there is certainty about "who can do what" on the archive. Only employees who have been assigned certain roles will be able to intervene in various ways on the contents of the archive (e.g. access, upload, replace, modify etc.).

Furthermore, every activity performed by users is tracked by the software and can be consulted in reports by those who have permission.

The permissions for each user or group can be modified or revoked by those who, in turn, are authorized to manage access. The roles in the DAM are well defined, which ensures that the content made available in the centralized platform is updated and approved by the user who has competence.

Workflow for the approval of the creative material in the MomaPIX DAM

Creative agencies work on the communication of several customers simultaneously. Before sharing the proposals with customers, a lot of material circulates between the account managers and the creative department. Digital asset management supports agencies in the workflow for the approval of creative material, ensuring that the customer has the correct content available.

MomaPIX DAM software is able to facilitate the relationships between the different company departments and external users, thanks to the presence of three different sections in the archive: the public part, the private part and the trash can. Having to manage many customers, a creative agency can exploit the potential of digital asset management to have all the material in one repository. For example, the creative department can upload all the content needed to arrive at the final proposal in the private section. Account managers will be able to place an order by moving what is not needed in the basket and sharing the specific material of interest of the customer in the public section who, by accessing the archive, will only view the contents reserved for him.

Filters uploading to MomaPIX DAM

A component of brand management is the possibility of using images of adequate quality. When organizing an institutional event, the company can be sure that it has photos consistent with the brand, thanks to the upload filters imposed by digital asset management.

MomaPIX DAM software allows you to establish parameters against which to accept or not to upload content. For example, by setting a filter on the resolution or on the compilation of certain descriptive fields of the images, you are sure to be able to take advantage of content in line with the uses you intend to do.

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