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The brand book or coordinated image manual is a document that collects the guidelines for corporate communication. The correct use of logos, payoffs, color palettes, tone of voice is a crucial aspect to ensure brand recognition and keep the brand identity consistent in any channel: websites, social media, newsletters, advertising, brochures, presentations, business cards etc. To achieve these goals, employees, partners and customers need to be made aware of these instructions. What better tool to manage documentation of this type than digital asset management software which, by its nature, represents the reference platform for accessing all updated and approved content?

A single platform for multimedia archives and brand books

Compared to visual content such as images and videos, the management of documentation for the correct use of the trademark within the communication requires a different structure for data management, similar to that for folders and sub-folders. The DAM MomaPIX software allows you to integrate both the brandbook and the digital archive of images and videos on the same platform. Therefore, two different structures coexist for data organization: the hierarchical one of the brand manual and the one at a single level or by categories typical of the multimedia archive. You can share brand management assets with both internal teams and external agencies and partners, just like with photos and videos.

Multilingual management of the coordinated image manual

The coordinated image manual serves to outline the company's guidelines on a communicative level. This is particularly important for multinationals that are present in international markets and have to manage materials in several languages. The MomaPIX Digital Asset Management is able to support workflows for the creation and maintenance of metadata relating to the materials of the brand book in all the necessary languages. In addition, all the materials in the brand book can be described by metadata entered manually or automatically translated into different languages, thanks to artificial intelligence.

If your company is also evaluating solutions for brand identity management, contact us to learn more about integrating the brand manual into digital asset management. You will have benefits not only in terms of brand awareness, but also in more efficient communication thanks to the enhancement of multimedia resources.

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