dam software for marketing

Marketing offices can obtain many advantages from using a DAM software. Due to its characteristics, digital asset management makes marketing departments work better.

In this article we will see some good reasons why your company should organize the digital archive of images and videos with the DAM.

DAM software for sharing digital content

In companies that engage in intense communication, the marketing department is always very active. If you want to easily share digital content, inside and outside the company, a DAM software is of great help.

With MomaPIX digital asset management, content sharing is facilitated not only by the ability to send newsletters, but also by the integration of social buttons within the archive.

You can decide to publish a post on company social profiles starting from the images and videos in the archive, simply by clicking on the button of the corresponding social network.

DAM software for the management of the company's image archive

Companies deal with images for many marketing activities: product images, images purchased for communication, photos of events.

A DAM software is of great help in managing all types of images and is fundamental for a digital strategy that aims to maximize the value of digital content.

Among the various types of images that a marketing department must manage, product images are crucial for sales: it is essential that catalogs are always up to date and that only approved materials are used. For our Kunzi customer, DAM software is a great ally of the sales network.

Even the images purchased for the various corporate communication materials must be managed. It is important, for example, to know where those images were used and keep track of the expiration of the licenses. It is a patrimony whose use can be optimized, extending the life cycle of the content.

And as regards the manager's representative photos or photos of corporate events to be shared with the media, a DAM software proves to be essential for a correct management of the official material. An example of this is the AISM online archive.

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