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Are you tired of seeing your collaborators struggling and wasting a lot of time looking for files from your digital archive? Are you tired of finding modified files without knowing how and when it happened? And all the contents that disappear, lost in the maze of folders on the corporate network?

It is time for you to seriously consider providing your company with a digital asset management software, as a program for cataloging all the digital content that your company produces: photos, documents, videos, animations, various projects.

In this article we will provide you with indications to choose the digital asset management software that suits your needs, illustrating some features of the DAM software and the advantages associated with these functions.

What is a digital asset management software used for

The growing digitization of the company and the need to rapidly distribute content on different channels and platforms has generated in companies the need for easy-to-use technological supports, capable of performing multiple functions quickly and in different contexts of use. DAM software are excellent programs for cataloging photos and videos, storing different types of content, while allowing at the same time to:

  • easily track any file on the digital platform,
  • share digital content inside and outside the company,
  • monitor and effectively optimize the company workflow.

But how to identify a DAM software that adapts to the specific needs of a company? In the next paragraph you will find useful tips for identifying the digital asset management software suited to your needs.

Photo and video management program: how to choose a DAM software

To find the ideal DAM software for your company, you can rely on some essential aspects:

  • The security of the digital asset. If your company manages images and videos, you must keep in mind that with European regulations, these are considered sensitive data and therefore must be protected and kept safe from possible cyber attacks: with a DAM software you can be sure that this information will remain confidential and safe. , because access to the DAM platform can only take place following authorizations. DAM software also allows you to limit user access areas, preventing a user, even if authorized, from accessing information that does not belong to him.

  • The attribution of metadata. The DAM software allows you to find the contents in the archive using metadata, which describe their characteristics. MomaPIX DAM uses artificial intelligence to automatically tag images, thanks to facial recognition, machine learning and OCR (recognition of texts in images) technologies.

  • Sharing and permits. If your company needs to control the operations that are performed on images, photos and any other content in the digital archive, a DAM software with strict access and sharing protocols is what you need. These functions ensure that only approved materials circulate in the work teams, establishing access hierarchies to the various assets in the archive, reducing the risk of errors.

  • Integration with CMS and external services through API. If your company already works with CMS systems or specific tools, you can choose a DAM software that is able to interact with these systems, enhancing the production process and improving the quality of the work.

MomaPIX DAM for the efficient management of the digital asset

MomaPIX DAM is not only a program for cataloging and organizing photos of the company online archive. Its functions support digital strategy, fully exploiting the potential of DAM technology:

  • Search for content through metadata;
  • OCR technology to recognize texts in images and automatically generate metadata;
  • Access authorizations and hierarchies;
  • Company workflow monitoring;
  • Sharing content with users inside and outside the company;
  • E-commerce.

DAM MomaPIX software can also be customized to adapt to the specific needs of each company, optimizing production processes and increasing its competitiveness in the market.

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