video email marketing with digital asset management software

For companies and organizations, the use of email marketing is widely established. On the customer side, we would dare to say “too much”, given the amount of promotions that each of us receives daily via email. Yet, if we have a strong interest, we ourselves watch carefully whether among the various newsletters received there is also that of the brand that updates us on the latest product news or gives us some anticipation on future events.

Furthermore, there is an element that can make a difference and arouse our curiosity even if we are not particularly loyal: we are talking about the video. While it is true that 86% of companies use videos as a marketing tool on social networks, for many of them it still has potential to express, as it is little used within email marketing.

What makes video and email marketing a winning combination? We explain it to you in this article, where you will find ideas that you can consider for the digital strategy.

Why video email marketing supports brand management.

Video marketing is one of the areas in which companies, but also public or cultural bodies, are investing most in this period. People like videos: they are direct and can be enjoyed more quickly than a text. Adding video content to email campaigns is a great way to keep subscribers engaged. So why not embed videos in emails?

There are several reasons why video and email work well together:

  • 69% of consumers say they would rather watch a video to learn about a new product or service. Only 18% would prefer to read a text. Video email marketing includes both formats, making everyone happy (source Campaign Monitor).
  • The word "video" in a subject line is still quite new and catches the eye. People get curious and want to take a look.
  • When video content is enjoyed by a large audience, brand awareness increases.

As a result, emails with videos produce better performance: they get 19% more opens and 64% more clicks.

Video email marketing in digital asset management: examples of use.

Although video email marketing is very effective, not many brands have already included it in their digital strategy. Being among the first can represent a novelty in communication and foster a competitive advantage.

As you may already know from our previous articles, MomaPIX digital asset management is a useful technology for brand management. All the tools for sending newsletters are integrated within the platform for archiving multimedia content, starting with the uploaded images and videos. In fact, the ability to do video email marketing is integrated into digital asset management. It works like this: upload the videos to the online archive, choose the video or videos to promote, customize the newsletter graphics, identify the recipients and send the email. A few simple steps, all on one repository. Whether they are end consumers or b2b partners, it is a significant way to interact with users through the type of multimedia content they prefer.

Here are some examples of the use of video email marketing that companies and institutions can do through MomaPIX digital asset management:

And you, how would you use video email marketing in your company?

Contact us to share your ideas, we will strive to carry out your project by putting at your disposal the technology and expertise we have accumulated in over fifteen years of experience in digital asset management.

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