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Smart working is a reality for many marketing professionals. Whether it is a well-tested way of working in your company or necessarily induced by the ongoing health emergency, those who work in this area have experienced it and continue to experience it on a daily basis.

Is it possible to manage the brand efficiently by working from home? The answer is yes, absolutely. We who offer Digital Asset Management Software for marketing departments don't have the slightest doubt. Technology makes it possible to virtualize offices and carry out activities related to brand management with extreme simplicity.

We propose below a brief guide to optimizing marketing operations in smart working.

Digital Asset Management to simplify remote marketing operations.

Keep going with marketing activities by having human resources who do not share the same physical space is something that from an initial criticality can even become an advantage. In fact, to manage a workforce remotely, it is essential to activate technological transformation processes that can optimize performance.

A Digital Asset Management software allows you to simplify various operations:

  • Manage brand guidelines online. The coordinated image manual can be made available to employees, partners and customers in all languages relating to the reference markets.
  • Access the contents of the digital archive. There are no restrictions related to the device used, photos and videos are available 24 hours a day and from any location.
  • Quickly find multimedia content. The metadata describing images and videos make the search and reuse of available materials immediate.
  • Accelerate the approval of creative materials. Workflows are streamlined and encourage collaboration between colleagues.

That's why companies and organizations should implement digital resource management systems for marketing. Many companies, including Edison, have already done so.

Why it is important to have a centralized system for managing digital assets.

We have seen some reasons why it is crucial to adopt a Digital Asset Management software. With a geographically dispersed team working remotely, having a centralized digital asset management system has never been more important.

Physical distance should not result in lack of information. On the contrary, all multimedia content for marketing, sales and brand management can be enriched with metadata and inserted on a single platform. Having a central hub ensures that everyone who works remotely uses up-to-date and approved materials.

We provide below further suggestions regarding the usefulness of a DAM software:

Don't have a digital asset management system yet and don't know where to start? Contact us for advice, we will present our MomaPIX Digital Asset Management software and we will think about the most suitable configuration for your needs.

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