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Digital Asset Management is a must in the USA and has been arousing growing interest for some time also in managers who work in Italy. Less and less is seen as a simple nice-to-have. Companies are understanding that, in a context where images and videos are fundamental in communication, managing multimedia resources is an aspect of the digital strategy that cannot be overlooked.

A DAM software reduces time-to-market, it is the solution to make companies more efficient. How exactly? Through the testimonials of our customers, we present some common problems for which companies decide to take control of their multimedia libraries and take the management of digital assets seriously.

Hard-to-Find Photos and Videos: shorten Times with Digital Asset Management

The first inefficiency due to the lack of multimedia content management is the difficulty in finding the photos and videos you are looking for. In fact, many teams store their assets in multiple locations, including servers, hard drives, cloud storage, and email attachments. This practice doesn't work. Having a centralized content management system allows you to instantly find the content you need, by typing in keywords or selecting taxonomy-based filters that guide your search.

This was the reason why the Italian Association for Multiple Sclerosis - AISM adopted the MomaPIX Digital Asset Management solution. Their scattered system for archiving content was slowing down communication activities.

A similar need has been encountered by IGPDecaux, which has been using the MomaPIX DAM for a year. "Before adopting a centralized online system to archive digital content, all photos were saved on folders in the corporate network, accessible exclusively to the Visual Documentation Center of the Innovation and Communication department, which manages all corporate photographic material - explains Sabrina Rodino, Manager of the IGPDecaux Visual Documentation Center. - Every day we received requests for images from all the other departments: commercial, technical, administrative, legal, heritage, executive for press and communication. Besides being frustrating to spend hours looking for photos on a PC with only the information of the file and folder names, this workflow was completely inefficient for people demanding resources, as they were stuck waiting for someone else to recover what they needed. Thanks to MomaPIX we have eliminated this bottleneck and anyone who needs photos and videos can access the online archive and download the files they need. With this self-service system, searching is simplified as predefined filters are available based on product lines, specific products, formats, customers, brands, cities, product sectors, campaign launch date and file type. "

Get the most out of digital assets with a DAM solution.

Adopting a DAM solution means transforming photos and videos into digital assets, from which companies can derive value. To get the most out of your digital content, simply accessing the file is not enough. You need information on copyright, approval status, version history and more. Using the most relevant metadata for the description of the contents means that these can be easily found and consequently reused in an appropriate way, increasing the ROI.

For our customers Generali, Cattolica Assicurazioni and WeBuild it was important to keep track of the rights to use the images. Furthermore, the shared management of digital assets for these projects has in common the use of a guided form for uploading files, which uses a controlled vocabulary derived from the taxonomy adopted by the company. This workflow forces users to enter all the metadata that the company has assessed as important to describe their asset.

A digital asset management solution puts your assets in context, so all team members know when and how to use them. Our customer Kunzi uses MomaPIX DAM software to support the sales network, which can thus independently consult the online catalogs and use the digital resources appropriately.

Digital Asset Management helps teams work together and realize their full potential by making it easy for people to get the content they need, when they need it.

Are you ready to take control of your media library? Contact us now, we will be happy to assist you in the implementation of Digital Asset Management in the company.

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