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Multimedia content is part of our daily lives: images and videos pervade real and virtual places and condition our purchasing choices. Companies need a digital archive to better organize images and videos and gain a competitive advantage. Efficient management of the digital asset involves quick and easy searches, with the ability to use the most up-to-date content to reach customers and prospects.

The value of metadata in digital asset management

Metadata are the attributes that describe multimedia content and give it value, making it become accessible and searchable digital resources. These can be simple as file name, author name and creation date, or more complex.

To better organize images, videos, audio files, graphics and documents, it is important to describe them appropriately. Often it is necessary to add textual information that indicates the characteristics of the product, or to establish what the restrictions and rights that some files must have in order to be monitored and used correctly.

Digital asset management promotes the accessibility, control and distribution of digital resources among companies, customers, partners and suppliers. Images and videos can be traced and shared on different devices, giving the possibility to the top of the company to measure the involvement of its audience.

Company members that benefits most from a DAM software

In the era of Digital Transformation, a DAM software is crucial for companies that aim to manage their multimedia content simply, quickly and effectively.

In particular, some professional figures derive many benefits from the use of digital asset management:

  • creatives, constantly looking for images and videos, manage to guarantee quality and consistency of brand materials thanks to digital asset management
  • marketing area constantly needs multimedia content for its activities. DAM software simplifies searches for digital assets
  • project managers increase the level of collaboration within the work staff, easily sharing documents with the tools made available to the DAM software
  • IT managers will have a secure and solid solution for archiving and sharing the company's digital asset

Companies that choose DAM MomaPIX software are sure to manage digital assets easily and safely.

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