The benefits of Digital Asset Management in managing images and videos are manifold. Implementing a DAM solution ensures that all multimedia content is centralized, organized, backed up and correctly indexed. In addition to these basic aspects, a DAM platform offers so much further potential to be exploited to improve communication, both internally and externally to the company.

In this article we suggest 9 ways to enhance communication, which will encourage everyone to use Digital Asset Management and make it an indispensable tool for your organization.

Facilitate access to content with Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management facilitates access to multimedia content by all corporate stakeholders.

  1. You can make available to all users a selection of freely usable resources, including a press kit. Journalists and the media need images, videos, documents and company logos to convey news. Providing up-to-date materials that can be published without requiring approval maximizes the chances of transmitting press releases concerning your organization. Thanks to the reporting of MomaPIX DAM software, you can measure for each asset provided how many times it has been viewed or downloaded.

  2. You can create a Brand Center. Integrating a brand center into Digital Asset Management allows you to centralize logos, brand guidelines, font document templates, email signatures, icons and useful pictograms. In your organization, you will no longer waste time looking for the latest logo, in the right size, in color or black and white, thanks to the online brand management manual.

  3. You can give easy access to the video tutorials. MomaPIX Digital Asset Management automatically transcodes uploaded videos in any format, making them available for web streaming from desktop and / or mobile devices. In addition to training videos or webinars, they can also be broadcast directly in streaming within the DAM.

Optimized internal communication thanks to Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management is a strong ally for all organizations that aim to improve internal communication.

  1. You can create a mini Intranet. If you work for an SME, there is probably no intranet available to store materials that are accessible by all authorized users. To share images, videos and documents with the team you can choose a DAM software over a cloud file hosting service and obtain numerous advantages.

  2. You can offer a space for newcomers to the company. Digital Asset Management facilitates the task of HR departments as, among other things, it lends itself to helping new employees and collaborators to enter the company early. The DAM platform offers a space where you can find useful content: welcome brochure, team photos, reference documents etc. In this way it will be possible to immediately identify new colleagues, grasp the corporate culture and obtain the logos and document templates that you need.

  3. You can provide space for staff to share photos and videos from corporate events. In the DAM platform, employees and collaborators can centralize and share photos and videos of the events in their office. Viewing images or footage and exchanging comments is an effective way to create a sense of belonging to the company!

  4. You can show films and interviews in the company lobby. If at the entrance to your company there are screens showing looped videos, you can create a video playlist in your DAM to view it on those screens. It will be a nice business card to communicate corporate culture to employees and stakeholders, with content that can be updated directly from a fixed station in the office or from any mobile device.

More effective external communication thanks to Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management makes external communication more effective in various ways.

  1. You can speed up the social communication workflow. With Digital Asset Management, the social media team has a web self-service system for digital content available. Images and videos can be published directly from the DAM platform accompanied by metadata, such as titles, keywords and copyright information.

  2. You can create a marketing repository. It is essential for any sales team to have up-to-date marketing materials available, with all product information, white papers, brochures, flyers, videos and screenshots. Find out how our client Kunzi has optimized catalog management and image distribution with the DAM. With MomaPIX, sellers have the opportunity to access the content they need and send it to their contacts in seconds, thanks to the email marketing tools integrated into Digital Asset Management.

If you want to improve corporate communication, contact us now: we will be by your side in implementing the most appropriate solutions.

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