e-commerce in digital asset management to sell photos and videos

Digital Asset Management software supports companies in the organization and distribution of photos and videos. Whether it is the marketing and corporate HR departments or a public or cultural body, having a single source where to draw on multimedia content promotes efficiency in the management of communication processes.

When the company that has to manage the multimedia content is a 'photo agency, the issue becomes even more delicate, as images and videos are the product to sell. In this case, the DAM platform doesn't just have to store safely digital asset and favor its use. The strenght of a DAM software or photo agencies consist of being able to monetize the archive.

Thus DAM software becomes the showcase capable of making more attractive the images and videos to be sold and the tool through which to activate transactions.

Let's see why the integration of an e-commerce into Digital Asset Management can make the difference.

How to manage sales in Digital Asset Management

Photo agencies can activate different business models for the sale of photos and videos through Digital Asset Management:

  • Agreements for unlimited content supply
  • Content downloads limited in quantity and time
  • Pay per view of images shared through embed code
  • Purchase of online content, against payment by credit card

The first two models can be defined though the access permissions management typical of DAM software: in practice, the agency administrators decide which, how much content and for how long customers can access for direct download. Reports from which to issue sales invoices.

In the third model the agency administrators have to assign to clients the authorization to access the embed code which allows to publish an image or video on a third-party site. MomaPIX DAM software keeps track of the number of views recorded by each content, so it is possible to propose to the customer a "retrospective" payment, based on the success achieved online by the photo or video.

The fourth model consist of e-commerce in Digital Asset Management. Customers can view the images and videos and place them in the cart. The download of digital content starts automatically after purchase with a credit card.

Online photo shop included in the DAM software

The management of download permissions is a basic functionality of Digital Asset Management, behind which negotiation procedures with clients must be set up. Having an online photo and video store is a direct sales channel that can generate profits at no cost.

MomaPIX DAM software monthly fee includes the use of e-commercee, you only pay a percentage of less than 10% on each transaction. All the useful tools for selling digital images or videos and prints are included, both royalty free and right-managed, with differentiated price lists for RF and RM and also formats (for example high and low resolution). Standard editorial licensing rights are covered and it is also possible to request custom licensing rights for special needs.

In addition, notifications are provided for each purchase registered on the DAM platform and reporting on all orders for the issuance of invoices.

In summary, digital asset management e-commerce offers various opportunities for the sale of photos and videos on the web:

  • Several cart pricing tables to list formats available for download in your chosen currency
  • Price lists for prints or any other product related to the content uploaded to the archive
  • Special offers based on the quantities inserted in the cart
  • Special discount for specific customers
  • Different shipping costs, depending on the type of product

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