Digital Asset Management to manage photos in cloud

Does your company produce tons of files every day? Do you think you would like a program to organize photos and digital documents, which is effective and easy to use? Many companies in your situation rely on free cloud services, ignoring the problems and enormous complications they face by choosing a technology that is inadequate to manage the large amount of documents produced by the company. Difficulty in tracing images and other types of documents, failure to monitor access and tampering with files in the archive are the main consequences of choosing a free cloud service for managing corporate digital content.

Digital Asset Management - also available in the cloud -, on the other hand, is the best solution to manage images and videos. Would you like to know why? In this article we will show you the potential of DAM software as a program for organizing photos and all the advantages that this technology can offer compared to a free cloud service.

Photo management software: characteristics of an efficient filing system

If your company works with images and other types of visual content on a daily basis, you need to equip it with a program to organize photos that allows you to store and manage files effectively.

But what does it mean to manage images and videos effectively? We will explain it to you immediately:

  • Be sure that only authorized personnel access the digital archive;
  • Being able to monitor the actions performed on archived files;
  • Archive the digital material according to a well-defined taxonomy;
  • Quickly find the images and files contained in the archive;
  • Being able to share digital content inside and outside the company in a controlled and secure way;
  • Be sure that all files used and shared, inside and outside the company, have been approved by management.

Digital Asset Management VS free Cloud

A free cloud service is not the right photo management program for companies because it cannot meet the business needs that we have previously listed.

In fact, it lacks all those features that allow you to organize photos and digital documents in a practical and efficient way. To better manage the images, videos and all digital content of your company, it is advisable to choose a DAM software.

Digital asset management has potential that a cloud will never be able to achieve, offering enormous advantages from the point of view:

Photo archiving and management: the potential of DAM software

DAM software facilitates various operations in image management, which makes it a great program for organizing photos. In fact, they allow to:

  • Share files securely, inside and outside the company, thanks to the controlled access system;
  • Quickly find archived images and photos using image metadata;
  • Control the accesses and the operations that are performed, improving the quality of work.

Let's see below other functions, included in MomaPIX DAM software, that a free cloud service will never offer:

  • Establish what to share or make downloadable from the digital archive, with authorized company personnel and any external users;
  • Find images, videos and documents by leveraging metadata describing files and taxonomy
  • Define any fixed structure for storing content, so that no one can move them and it is easier to find them;
  • Check who accesses the platform and what operations they perform, thanks to sophisticated monitoring systems;
  • Create a workflow for the approval and sharing of content by management;
  • Take advantage of the platform as a digital e-commerce.

If you have any doubts, or need further clarification, please contact us. Together we will study the effectiveness of Digital Asset Management for archiving and managing digital content.

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