Digital Asset Management for Smartworking

Digital transformation has been (and it is) a central theme for the pandemic we are experiencing. Emergency rhymes with urgency so, while we looked for the most adequate answers and imagined the implementation phases, the technology moved forward and established itself as a solution.

We have seen two years of digital transformation in two months. From coordinating remote work teams to training, sales and customer service: companies have had to adapt to smart working to keep their business running in a world where everything is remote.

To be successful in this uncharted time, every organization will need to empower employees, develop a new hybrid work culture, engage customers in new, intelligent and virtual ways, transform products and services with new business models and optimize operations to keep customers and employees safe.

Technological intensity and business resilience

Technological intensity is an indicator of a company's ability to innovate in a landscape where digital skills and tools are a must in almost all sectors. It mainly takes two elements into consideration.

First, how companies adopt the latest technology and integrate it into their organization while maintaining a strong focus on business results.

Second, how companies build their digital capacity, simply and effectively. Since today “every company is a digital company”, every organization needs to build a culture in which all people are part of the innovation process and able to learn to reinvent the business and the process through digital innovation.

Businesses face many challenges when they want to embrace technological intensity. All of this is the key to business resilience and digital transformation.

Give value to data with Digital Asset Management

Interestingly, the root cause of many of the challenges businesses face is also the potential solution: data. Data are generated from virtually unlimited sources and its rate of growth is increasing: [IDC] ( estimates that by 2025, global data will grow to 175 zettabytes - 175 trillion gigabytes. This is a 9% increase on the same forecast a year ago.

The challenge organizations face is not just how to address the volume but also find ways to generate customer value by leveraging that data.

When we talk about multimedia content, Digital Asset Management is the solution for companies that need to immediately access data linked to this content, in order to be able to make quick marketing decisions and react to the changing new world.

How to become a digital-ready organization

Today there are also three other areas in the market to be considered in order to become a digital-ready organization for the future:

  • Cloud platforms and artificial intelligence: in order to reduce the time-to-market of digital transformation projects, cloud platforms offer today a solid foundation for building solutions that meet business needs. Artificial intelligence allows content autotagging and automation of some creative asset management action based on metadata, file names or the supplier.

  • Security.Cybersecurity is the central challenge in the digital age, especially now that the world is relying even more on technology. Without it, the most basic human rights such as privacy cannot exist. Every day, organizations use time and resources away from their core business mission to defend against or remediate cyber attacks. Their security teams struggle to keep up, and skilled expertise is often poor.

Digital Asset Management MomaPIX in cloud proposes a complete suite for hardware and software on highly reliable servers hosted in a Server Farm Tier 4 and daily backup of digital archives.

  • Ability. Increasingly, one of the key steps needed to foster a safe and successful economy is developing the digital skills needed for efficient work. MomaPIX team offers pre and post-sales assistance for training customers in the use of the DAM software, which is itself user-friendly.

A company does not have to start digital transformation for the sake of innovation. The roots of great innovation are never just in the technology itself, but in what innovation enables people to achieve. For Digital Asset Management, the efficiency advantage is tangible in everyday working life and in marketing results.

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