DAM software for social mediacommunication

Social media communication travels at a frenetic pace. With digital asset management, workflows for communication on social media are faster.

A DAM software allows you to have quick access to digital resources, facilitating the choice of the best content to be published on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other networks.

Here are 3 tips to speed up the workflow of social communication.

A cloud content library is functional to the digital strategy

Having a cloud-based digital asset library means that your social media team can access the content needed anywhere, without being tied to a specific device in the company.

Whether you are in the office or in smart working, on the snow or on the beach sunbathing, with a DAM software you can always search the online archive for photos or videos relevant to the event that has occurred. A post can thus be published immediately after receiving news.

The social media team has a self-service system on the web for digital content

For efficient social media communication, your social media team should be able to access the image or video it needs and share it immediately. Having a single centralized platform for social media content greatly simplifies your team's work. You will eliminate long procedures for sending image requests or for digging in unorganized archives.

We have seen many customers save hours a day by uploading all the contents of the digital library to MomaPIX, thanks to the search engine and filters that allow team members to find exactly the image they need.

Copyrights and user licenses are tracked with digital asset management

The last thing a social media manager wants to find out after finally finding the perfect content to share is that he doesn't have the rights to use it! Your organization needs to keep track of usage rights, otherwise it may even be impossible to find out if the team is authorized to use certain photos or graphics. We have partnered with organizations that have thousands of photos which they cannot use because of this problem. With MomaPIX you can keep track of copyrights and licenses using the IPTC fields that describe the images or by relating the files to the form for the license of use.

Contact us for any information on the DAM MomaPIX software, we will be happy to know your needs and answer all your questions.

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