Implementing a Digital Asset Management software in the company means developing a digitization project aimed at optimizing processes. It makes no sense to do it just for the sake of using new technologies. It is important to analyze the processes in place to identify areas for improvement and set clear and achievable objectives.

What approach to use to initiate digital transformation? Is an Agile or Waterfall methodology better?

Differences between Agile methodology and Waterfall approach

Agile Project Management originated in software development. It is characterized by the use of short development cycles called "sprints" that allow you to quickly identify any problems and keep the focus on continuous improvement of the product or service. The traditional "Waterfall" approach, on the other hand, provides for a sequential development in phases of the project. In situations with a relatively high level of uncertainty, where creativity and innovation are needed to find the right solution, using an Agile methodology can make a difference. This type of approach focuses purely on process optimization. The traditional waterfall method, on the other hand, focuses on managing objectives and risks and on forecasting and controlling costs. This type of approach is ideal in situations where predictability, planning and control are key.

Which of the two contexts does the implementation of a Digital Asset Management software in the company fall into?

How to quickly start digital transformation with the Agile method.

Dealing with technology, Digital Asset Management is an area in which evolution is very rapid. Just think that in MomaPIX DAM software updates are released on a monthly basis to improve the service. It is not convenient to plaster the project for the adoption of the DAM in the company with extremely detailed and timely documentation which, to be modified, would require the activation of a new process and lengthening of the times. On the contrary, it is advisable to leave a margin of flexibility in the management of the project as the technology is constantly developing, potentially able to satisfy still unexpressed needs. If we remain anchored to traditional project management, the risk is to adopt tools that are in a certain sense already old.

Since the main objective of an organization that adopts Digital Asset Management is to derive value from multimedia content, it remains a priority to analyze the context in which it operates to design the metadata model. It is only by having clear the business goal achieved by the images and videos that it is possible to reconstruct the overall meaning of the digital asset and organize the concepts to facilitate research.

Once this analytical phase has been completed for the definition of the taxonomy to be applied to the digital archive, it is necessary to give way to the Agile methodology, in order to quickly begin to obtain the expected ROI from images and videos.

The advantages of the Agile method for the development of DAM software

The Agile method of project management allows Digital Asset Management software implementation projects to obtain a better result in less time than using the waterfall approach. We of the MomaPIX team have always worked in this way, both in the development of new features and for the setup of individual DAM installations. At this stage, the daily interaction with the client company ensures that the solution is put in place is what the client really wants. The short and interactive development sessions (sprints) allow you to work together to find the best result and to make changes or adjustments to each step.

The main advantages of Agile Project Management are:

  • Increase in flexibility and adaptation to change
  • Greater productivity
  • Greater transparency and communication
  • Better quality of the final result
  • Greater customer involvement and satisfaction
  • Faster development of solutions
  • Increased success rate through more focused efforts
  • Reduced times
  • Faster discovery of defects and problems
  • Optimized development processes
  • Optimal project control
  • Concentration on the specific needs of the client
  • More frequency in collecting feedback and increasing collaboration.

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