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WebPhoto is an editorial services agency that offers a digital photographic archive of cinema, television, VIPs and sports to the most well-known editorial offices in Italy and abroad.

It is also the licensee, in a worldwide exclusive and for any use, of the images relating to the Italian pictorial posters of almost all the films released in Italy (about 20,000 titles, from the 1940s to the end of the 1980s).

The database with over 500,000 cinema and television images is now managed with the [Digital Asset Management] ( MomaPIX.

Custom DAM software for image database management

The migration of the very complex and metadata-rich image database, such as that of WebPhoto, has placed the MomaPIX team in front of some problems not yet explored.

The result was the development of a highly customized digital asset management configuration, able to meet the specific needs of the agency.

Among these, an articulated management of user permissions, with the possibility of authorizing the viewing and / or downloading of a specific category. A customer, for example, may be enabled to consult and download only the content relating to television programs and be excluded from accessing those relating to the cinema.

User friendly digital asset management

The new WebPhoto site is very fast and easy to use, it allows you to carry out thematic online searches by crossing all the fields that make up each card (title, year, genre, nationality, director, cast / host, etc.).

Finally, the integration of the Richiardi archive with the site of the WebPhoto itself should be highlighted.

Through the API of MomaPIX DAM software, the distribution of over 20,000 sports images from the Richiardi archive, also on MomaPIX, is greatly facilitated.

In fact, the images uploaded to Richiardi's site can be automatically searched, viewed and downloaded from the WebPhoto site as well, without having to be uploaded a second time.

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