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IPA is one of the most important Italian photographic agencies specializing in the production and sale of images and videos.

Customers have access to a photographic archive that has more than 300 million images and ranges from news (politics, gossip, sport, etc.) to creative stock (lifestyle, food, beauty, living etc.), as well as a collection low budget of microstock with more than 60 million images.

IPA recently launched a new website, again based on the digital asset management platform MomaPIX for the management of the photo and video.

IPA increases its commercial strength by leveraging API technology

With the launch of the new site, IPA wanted not only to renew the graphics but above all to create the conditions to expand its offer and provide a better service to its customers. All the contents of the network of IPA partner agencies are now accessible within the site by carrying out a single search.

MomaPIX team has released a new software code that interfaces with the local archive of the agency and with the remote archives of its partners through the digital asset management API. In this way it is possible to carry out cross-sectional searches on all connected archives, presenting the aggregated results within the site from which the search was generated.

Advantages of using API for photo agencies

The interconnection between photo archives thanks to APIs benefits IPA, its customers and partners:

  • IPA extends its offer and consequently the sales possibilities;
  • IPA customers can take advantage of a wider offer;
  • Partners expand their sales channels and maintain control over files: they do not have to send high-resolution files and can access reporting for the sales realized on the IPA site.

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