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Paris Fashion Week ended a few days ago, returned to pre-pandemic splendor, with great success from critics and audiences.

SHOWbit photo agency, leader since 1988 in the fashion and events sector on an international scale, followed the whole event, publishing photos and videos in streaming on its MomaPIX DAM platform and distributing the contents in real time to its customers.

The importance of videos for fashion houses is growing

Even in the fashion world, in recent years the diffusion of videos has grown exponentially.

In particular, videos of the fashion shows are presented by the fashion houses to public, buyers and press and distributed on numerous channels: on the brand's website, on the YouTube channel or on social media with ad hoc miniclips. In full version, they also run on screens or projected in company offices, showrooms and points of sale.

We report one of the latest SHOWbit productions: it is a 4-camera video produced, shot and edited by Luca Lazzari and Vincent Sannier, for the Sino-French fashion brand DAWEI, on behalf of the show producer Dévi Sok.

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