Opale.photo agency new website The exceptional archives of Opale.photo agency offer one of the best photographic collections in the world in the literary field, with over 580,000 shots (50,000 photo sessions) by French and international writers.

2022 began with the launch of a new site, based on MomaPIX Digital Asset Management platform, which could enhance the photographic archive and offer new business opportunities.

"Our new site went online at the beginning of the year - says Stefano Bianchetti, CEO of Opale.photo - The implementation was fast and the advice of the MomaPIX team proved to be valuable and intelligent. Customers seem more than happy to search for our content on an intuitive, easy and effective system."

The archive is constantly updated with current photographs, making Opale.photo a valuable narrator of the cultural and international scene and an essential partner for the press and publishers. With the exclusive distribution of ArtComPress, Opale.photo is also the privileged witness of the history and current events of the French theater scene.

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