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Sunray Photo is an international distribution photographic agency that offers Food, Beauty, Lifestyle & Fashion, Decoration & Interior, Travel & Reportage services and images to editorial and advertising clients all over the world.

The materials, from newspapers and photographers of high international level, are constantly updated and new ones are regularly made available.

For many years now, their archive of exclusive photos has been managed through MomaPIX DAM software. We interviewed Gabriella Lobuono, founder of Sunray Photo, who told us how digital asset management supports the work of the photo agency.

Digital asset management to support the workflow of photo agencies

MomaPIX digital asset management accompanies the SunrayPhoto workflow. The working days are marked by the use of the DAM software features designed to simplify the photo agencies' workflow.

Gabriella Lobuono describes a typical day. “Usually 2/3 days a week our working day begins with a short meeting in which we take stock of the situation with the team. We first evaluate the new material that has been uploaded to our site by our collaborators. The most specialized colleague in the graphic part, through the MomaPIX editing tool, immediately changes the images that need to be cut, turned or zoomed. In this way, our customers can access new materials, better arranged and ready to be downloaded. "

Marketing inDAM

"We find marketing tools in DAM very useful, which allow us to see who has logged in, the searches and downloads made - continues Gabriella - Checking the reporting of the DAM MomaPIX software is a fundamental activity for our work .

The analysis of the information provided by Digital Asset Management allows us to be able to proceed with targeted work for the promotion of photos through the DAM. We often use PDFs of the services that we consider most relevant, downloading them directly from the site. "

Digital asset management ideal for smartworking

Digital Asset Management is an essential technology for smartworking, since by its nature it allows you to work on multimedia content from any location and at any time.

Gabriella told us how her photo agency was able to remain operational even during the lockdown due to the ongoing health emergency.

“During the lockdown we were forced to work from home for a while. It wasn't easy, but the site supported us a lot and from a technical point of view we never had any problems. Customers were very happy to be able to rely on us remotely. Not much has changed for them, because they are used to using the contents in this way. "

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