archivio storico girardo Girardo & Co is the only classic car dealer with an internal research and media team. With over 40 years of experience, Girardo offers a unique experience when considering the sale or purchase of a car that could cost millions of pounds. Their archive accurately documents more than a century of motoring and motorsport history with over 5.000.000 images and represents a valuable tool for collectors, historians, publishers and journalists.

A year ago, the MomaPIX Digital Asset Management platform was chosen for archiving and selling photos online.

Historical archive of images to support the company mission

Girardo & Co aims to provide a holistic experience around the classic cars it offers. This is why it is also committed to honoring historical, cultural and personal importance and to safeguarding the future of classic cars.

Hence the idea of enhancing the historical photographic archive and allowing fans to purchase images through e-commerce.

To complement the extensive library of literature and information, in 2020 Photo4 was acquired. The famous Italian image archive was founded in Bologna over four decades ago and comprises in excess of three million photographs documenting premier national and international motorsport and motoring events from 1980 to the present day. The exhaustive selection of photos encompasses a vast cross section of motorsport history, from comprehensive documentation of the last four decades of Formula 1 and its feeder categories to the international top flights of sports cars, touring cars and rallying. Users should simply enter key words such as the names of drivers or team personnel, manufacturers or circuits, and once the desired images have been found, they can be added to a personal lightbox or purchased in high resolution directly from the website.

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